Wizard’s Cryomancer Profession Open Beta

Wizard’s new 2nd tier profession is rolling out to Open Beta on Google Play and iOS TestFlight as Cryomancer! This new profession includes 6 new unique skills to build with, a new freeze status effect, and some fixes. Cryomancer is all about amplified mana usage to deal the most damage and a wide range of passives to synchronize with.


This is your main active damage ability giving you an impactful 800% mp damage for the price of 100% base mana. You will get a 50% chance to freeze enemies which will also deal additional damage once they thaw from your attack. It does have limited range compared to other skills as you will need to be in close proximity to cast, but no worries! Your profession in the art of ice will keep you safe from your own Glacier attack.

Freeze Status Effect

When an enemy is frozen, it becomes immune to stun, but will take 300% mp damage upon ending it’s freeze status effect. The mp damage is based off the main stat you had upon infliction. Keep in mind that Cursed Swords will reflect status effects including freeze.

Ice Walls

Build your fort and block your opposing foes in order to strategically attack enemies through walls. You can spawn as much walls as your mana can cast, but you will not be able to cast it upon yourself.

Mana Sacrifice

You will be able to consume mana in order to deal more mp damage with this new skill. Your mana display will change while active letting you know your are consuming more mana for more mp damage.

Cryomancer Skill List

Pricing for new skills are yet to be determined and will be updated once this update passes through open beta. Keep in mind that all stats are subject to change during Open Beta.

Update Log

Here is the log for v1.3.183, but this is not the finalized log for this update as things will change during Open Beta:

  • Added Wizard’s 2nd profession, Cryomancer, which includes 6 new unique skills to build with
  • Added Cat to starting camp with infinite petting. You need to interact with the Cat during an adventure for it to appear at your camp
  • Added pause/resume double xp to the equipment screen
  • Added 1 new Avatar icon
  • Added arrows to top bar UI
  • [Steam]Updated logo screen to allow Spacebar to begin game
  • Updated Cat to become your pet after being interacted with
  • Updated Wraith spawn to appear closer if it spawns before entering a dungeon
  • Updated Haste Chance to no longer trigger on Dummy targets
  • Reduced maximum spawn distance of Wraith by 1,000 steps
  • Fixed certain abilities triggering multiple kills on enemies with 0 hp. This includes double boss loot and triple xp on a single enemy
  • Fixed Caster spawning more than the intended max of 3 skeletons
  • Fixed Tremor dealing damage where it was previously while being underground
  • Fixed game not saving equipment stats when using Blacksmith or Forger then force closing the game

12 thoughts on “Wizard’s Cryomancer Profession Open Beta”

    1. Will be doing a profession a month until all classes have 2 professions. Next in line is Necromancer.

  1. Good afternoon,

    First off, I love the Cryomance Prof. update. It strikes a good balance between a very weak / slow start in early adventure, and a much stronger top-end damage output / glass cannon feel in later steps.

    The only feedback I can provide at the moment is on the skill “Mystic Shot” : I seem to be unable to trigger its use – even with the increased range from Frost Blast (I was looking forward to a synergy between MS, FB, and Crystallize to achieve an “Arcane Exploding Sniper” build. Even reading through the patch notes, I seem to be unable to cast over low terrain (I was thinking it behaved more like the Dark Caster enemies). Anyway, maybe not a bug, but hopefully the feedback is useful. Have a great day!


    1. Next update will be the public version and Frost Blast will now be able to be used with Mystic Shot!

  2. Hello, have you thought about the possibility of a second class when you reach the limit of prestige? It would be really interesting, to be able to use more than 5 skills of Be able to use another hero’s abilities, for example using vine stealing as a mage. Use 6 profession skills. One more profession for every ‘reset’, the reboot includes Have reached the fifth prestige and be +100 level.
    It’s just a suggestion. 🙂

    1. It would be interesting to add a pool of skills simply to increase the purpose of prestiging. This is something I would have to run by others before testing. As of now, there are no plans to increase the level cap with prestige since level values are exponential, the chance of hitting the integer limit is greater.

  3. Good apdate i hope hope that there will be an update for the knight so that he can do something like that too

  4. Hi,so I’m really excited for the apdate , but i want to ask to about the seller, when i want to sell equipment it shows it all without suprateing and which makes the selling process harder and takes a lot of time so I would love to know if it is possible
    for you to make the swords suprated from the Shields And helmets Like when looking at my existing equipment along with my stats

    It well very

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