Hotfix v1.3.175

New hotfix rolling out to all platforms and should be the last major hotfix until the next big update. I want to thank everyone for reporting these bugs and for your patience throughout this update. Necro mains will be happy to know that your zombie transcend is back and better than before! Happy holidays as this will be the last post for this year! (Assuming nothing added breaks the game)

v1.3.175 Update Log:

  • Added Zombie UI to allow you to transcend into them or eliminate them when alive
  • Updated Quick Save to no longer allow Quick Save when hostile enemies are nearby
  • Updated Tremor to be immune to stun
  • Updated Bloodlust to no longer trigger indefinitely when max hp equals 1
  • Increased Tremor emerge attack by 1 turn
  • Increased speed of Wisdom xp meter when xp gained is more than 1000 xp
  • Reduce cooldown of Tremor acid spit from a range of 4-7 to now 4 turn cooldown
  • Updated layering of status effects to appear on top of other sprites/UI
  • Updated Haste to no longer remove when visiting campfire
  • Updated Revive text to include how many free Revives you have left
  • Updated UI for Shintaro and Bandit to not appear since they are invincible and cannot get attacked by the player
  • Fixed Barrier not showing correct values for damage taken when the damage is greater than Barrier
  • Fixed Enlighten negating death when inflicted on enemies
  • Fixed the Void leaving parts of the Worm on screen
  • Fixed Lightning Pull not being treated as a Spellcast attack
  • Fixed Animated Traps being prioritized over enemy hitboxes causing players to move into enemies instead of attacking
  • Fixed Self Damage exceeding the limit range of 10% due to loot rarity. It now spawns within 1%-10%
  • Fixed negative Crit Damage on Divine Blade
  • Fixed Assemble not blocking incoming status effects
  • Fixed Bleed Rune giving way more than the intended 15% Bleed Damage
  • Fixed Burn Rune not properly increasing total Burn damage
  • Fixed integer limit for Burn on the Target Dummies to be capped 1 billion damage
  • Fixed Baby Mossy Hydra healing the nearest Mossy Hydra instead of the one it came from
  • Fixed Pyro, Zombie, and Bandit being able to attack Tremor while it is underground
  • Fixed Mimic Chest spawning all chests in chunk instead of randomizing spawning them. It is now 80% chance when a chunk has been selected to spawn Mimics
  • Fixed Wraith spawn distance being more than intended. Max player levels can now expect it to spawn between 1000 – 2550 steps.
  • Fixed Upgrade Line check not occurring when the player is above the line, but has only interacted with obstacles which makes the Upgrade screen not appear until you move to an empty space
  • Fixed SphinX spawning in Overworld as it was not intended
  • [Steam] Fixed lag spikes when hovering over adventure upgrades in equipment screen

5 thoughts on “Hotfix v1.3.175”

    1. Afaik: Multi-player will not be added to OneBit Adventure, as the dev is instead working on a separate game Dungeon of Greed, similar to OBA but made from the ground up to be multi-player.

  1. Were the warrior barrier changes intentional? I saw the notes about fixing the numbers when it doesn’t have enough to absorb a full attack, but now it never completely absorbs attacks even if it had plenty to do so.


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