Desert Dungeon & Equipment Update Release Notes

The BIGGEST update to OneBit Adventure has finally rolled out and is here to bring lots of goodies to you! Big thanks to those in open beta for finding all those amazing bugs before release. This new update is packed with 45 new equipment, new Desert Dungeon, remastered soundtracks, new Tremor boss, 7 new enemies, new Rune system, starting HUB, and so much more! Thank you for your patience and while this post looks similar to the last open beta post, there is more context to better clarify since we have finalized everything about the update. Bring in the coffee and tea as this will be a long read!

Welcome to the Desert Dungeon!

Desert dungeon is full of traps and strong desert type enemies. This is the first dungeon to have 2 unique biomes where the beginning is filled with traps and obstacles and the second half is an open desert filled with Cactus. It is now the only place to find Smoothies, Cactus, and the best place to get Runes via Tremor boss! Keep in mind, you will need to be level 15 for this dungeon to appear.

New Tremor Boss

The new Tremor boss is a tank with the ability to go underground and emerge to deal tremendous damage as well as spitting poison gunk. Be careful of his minions as he will occasionally spawn worms from the top to try and stop you. Once you are past 1,500 steps, it will guarantee a Rune drop and the further you go, the more it drops. Runes are powerful relics used to amplify your equipment which will be discussed more below.

7 New Enemies

These new enemies are exclusive to the Desert Dungeon. Each enemy is unique with specific traits that makes the Desert feel alive. Learn about them and prepare for trouble! Big thanks to our winners from the Desert Dungeon contest in which the Worm (created by Tabbi) and Scarab (created by Cat Traveler) where added from!

Your Starting Camp

Your starting camp has gotten an upgrade! As you explore the world of OneBit, you will discover that certain NPCs will be recruited. This makes it easy to now prepare before you begin your adventure with NPCs like Blacksmith, Merchant, Forge, and others. New dialogue has been added as well as notification effects to help bring certain NPCs to your camp.

Bring Your Runes to the Forge

Everyone, say hi to Frank! He has a story of his own and will be happy to share it with you once you rescue him from the Underworld. You will need a Special Key which is dropped by Cthulhu in the Ruins and I’m sure Morgana won’t mind! Once you rescue him, you will find him in your starting camp and he’ll make sure to build a furnace before you get back. Interact with Frank and he will now be able to put your Runes to good use. Runes are rare relics used to buff equipment, but removing them will destroy the rune itself. If you don’t discover Frank by level 20, he will appear at your starting camp and give you a story about how he got there!

New Rune System

After reaching level 15, equipment will start to spawn with an open rune slot and Runes will start to drop after 1,500 steps. Runes have a drop rate of 5% from bosses except the new Tremor boss who guarantees them and drops more the further you go. Some amplify only weapon stats while others work on helm and chest only. Chaotic Death Notice will not drop Runes to keep them from being too common. Find Frank the Forger and socket your Runes with Coins to bring even more power to your build!

45 New Equipment

Here’s all the new equipment added to the game and it is quite the handful! Some equipment require you kill certain bosses to spawn while others have rarity and level requirements which will all be available in the in-game guide. These new equipment have new stats added to the game and with it, we have provided a description for all of that here. The in-game guide has been updated with all the new stats and equipment so read your guide to understand all you need to know.

Target Practice

Not much in a days work, but sometimes you want to know how much damage you actually do based off different builds. If you have already talked to Shintaro, then you may have gotten a gift of 2 dummies and 1 ranged target. These targets are invincible so they do not break, but have a starting hp of 100,000.

Major Changes

Before we dive into the update log, I thought it would be best to highlight the major ones so you don’t need to read all of it to know the ones that will impact you the most.

  • We have updated Blacksmith upgrades to cost Coins instead of Diamonds
  • You now have unlimited quick saves after running out of Normal Quick Saves
  • Removed Self-Slow from all weapons that previously had them
  • Overworld Bosses and Wraith now spawn more frequently. Previously was thousands of steps before you come across them.
  • New remastered soundtracks have been updated. Take a listen to them on Scotty Rich’s Bandcamp, the Music Producer for the official soundtracks.
  • You can now skip all upgrades for the current adventure which is very useful once you have maxed out all that you could.
  • There are now enemy variant skins to make your adventures look less repetitive.
  • Free Revives no longer get consumed when using Dark Matter Revives.
  • Dungeons will no longer be larger than 1,000 steps.

Pushing Shrines for a Future Update

Some may have saw our blog post on our website which said Shrines were coming. Unfortunately, this update had a lot coming so we have decided to hold off on making Shrines so we can better focus on balancing all new equipment. Shrines will be back in a future update with better features. We appreciate all the feedback and look forward to making it better than ever!

Update Log v1.3.167

  • Added 7 new enemies
  • Added new Tremor Boss
  • Added new Desert Dungeon
  • Added new soundtrack for Desert Dungeon
  • Added 45 new equipment with over 20+ new unique stats. View table above for details
  • Added 12 new Runes which can be found by defeating bosses after hitting level 15
  • Added Rune Slot only for weapons with Epic rarity or greater and level 15 or greater
  • Added NPC recruitment with certain NPCs. You may find some already there because you have interacted with them prior.
  • Added Frank Forger who is trapped in the Underworld and needs a Special Key to rescue him. He can forge a rune into your weapon.
  • Added new Bandit NPC (from Desert Dungeon contest created by Xanathar!) to Desert Dungeon who you can hire to help fight throughout that dungeon
  • Added 30+ enemy variant skins
  • Added 21 new Pets
  • Added 3 new traps (Arrow, Spear, and Fire trap)
  • Added 2 new items (Cactus Chunk and Cactus Juice)
  • Added 2 new themes
  • Added 8 new animated skins to Skin Dealer (1 for each class including secret class and an extra for Wizard)
  • Added unlimited No Heal Quick Save after running out of normal Quick Saves. Your hp, mana, and status effects will remain the same after saving. Currently, it doesn’t appear unlimited until you have consumed all normal Quick Saves.
  • Added 2 new dummy targets to test damage output. Unlock by talking to Shintaro the first time if you haven’t.
  • Added Skip All button for new Adventure Upgrades in the current adventure
  • Added a new Skin Dealer shop through Silver Da Kat. He will provide out of season exclusive skins to you at a premium cost, but also geared towards your class and can equip them right away.
  • Added new Dialogue to help with NPC recruitment for those that didn’t have any
  • Added 2x poison damage when attacking with Toxic Surprise
  • Added the ability to allow Dpad to move only when tapping and ignore movement when holding Dpad. When the Move Speed slider is at the slowest(leftmost) setting, it will disable Move Speed to allow this feature.
  • Updated Conqueror Necromancer skin to use Dino Pirate instead of Zombie skin for Beyond the Grave
  • Updated Overworld Bosses minimum spawn steps to 1000 -> 500 steps
  • Updated Quick Save to save Barrier, Blood Barrier, and Mana Shield amount
  • Updated Wraith boss music
  • Updated Rats to turn gold when eating a Gold equipment
  • Updated Wizard Sapius and Silver Da Kat sprites
  • Updated upgrade cost currency to Coins instead of Diamonds. Cost is based off 100 per level plus percentages based off loot rarity
  • Update boss health meters
  • Updated first Elite max spawn distance to 650 -> 450 steps
  • Update Elite Reaper Slash AOE
  • Updated Castle to spawn at level 30 -> 25
  • Updated Slice and Dice to no longer require an enemy in order to use and can go through fence gates
  • Updated Bosses to no longer remain idle after they have taken damage
  • Updated Throwable upgrade coin cost for increasing amount from 100 -> based off weapon levelx100
  • Updated Throwable upgrade ore cost for increasing amount from 30,20,10 -> 60,40,20 for Quartz, Apatite, Amethyst respectively
  • Updated Throwable upgrades not allowing use of Ameythst and Apatite ore when weapon upgrade is maxed
  • Updated the Void to take damage before applying Void animation to the player
  • Updated Bosses to reduce poison damage by 50%
  • Updated Cobra and Snake to be immune to poison
  • Updated Beholder to drop 1x Adaptive Eye upon killing except when spawned with Chaotic Death Notice
  • Updated Mossy Hydra and Cobra boss sprites
  • Updated Poison damage to store percentage based on infliction rather than what poison percentage the player currently has equipped
  • Updated Burn to be able to stack with normal attacks
  • Updated Burn status to increase by 1% of burn damage when re-inflicted with burn. Previously, this was a flat +2 damage upon re-infliction
  • Updated Berserker to round up when the hp limit is below 0.5 hp
  • Updated Guide’s dropdown to update scroll position to your selection so that you no longer need to re-scroll down to the next selection
  • Updated Guide to save last equipment and stat selected to make it easy to navigate between the two
  • Updated Ruins, Castle, and Wraith Battle music to remastered versions
  • Updated Wraith spawning to no longer be timer based. It will now spawn at random steps between 1000-2000 steps for level 1-5 then range based off level for the rest. Level 100 will spawn it between 2000-4000 steps.
  • [Android & iOS] Updated billing system which should fix issues rare occurrences with rewards not being given after transactions
  • Increased drop rate of gold equipment from main bosses by 10%
  • Increased wander distance for non-boss enemies from 10 -> 18 tiles away
  • Increased Wraith aggro distance from 20 -> 40 tiles
  • Increased Thief’s base scaling hp from 1.3 -> 1.6. This is equal to Blood Knight’s base hp
  • Increased Thief’s base scaling mana from 0.9 -> 1.0
  • Reduced old equipment spawn level requirement to be below level 20
  • Reduced default Haste amount given from 10 -> 4. Smoothies will still give 20 turns of haste
  • Reduced dungeon length for lower levels from 200 -> 150 steps
  • Reduced max dungeon spawn distance from 4000 -> 1000 steps
  • Reduced cooldown for Grand Heal from 50 -> 25 steps
  • Removed Self-Slow from all equipment
  • Reduced drop rate of Chaotic Boss exclusive equipment by 80%
  • Reduced Poison status duration from 10 -> 4 turns
  • Removed Smoothies from Gold Chest. You can now find them in Desert Dungeon chests
  • [Steam] Removed Uncapped FPS and have switched it with 300 FPS due to unknown issues occurring when FPS is uncapped
  • Fixed permadeath counter not triggering if the player quits immediately upon death
  • Fixed enemy’s armor reducing magic damage
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a campfire would cloud save an older file when visiting campfire and not ending or saving adventure
  • Fixed Burn Aura not correctly damaging enemies by Haunting or Elite Force upgrades
  • Fixed Adventure Quests button appearing when the player is below level 10 and the resolution changes
  • Fixed Halloween boss skins appearing in November instead of October
  • Fixed Smoothies giving more than 20 steps of haste when haste is active
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a chaotic boss drop cannot find a proper tile to drop an item due to lack of space
  • Fixed Poison being able to heal the player if Poison Resist is greater than 100%
  • Fixed sorting character cards not positioning to the character you are sorting
  • Fixed the Void not hiding all UI when the player dies to it
  • Fixed player attacking allies and instead will switch places with the ally
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Fixed blacksmith upgrade icon jitter when scrolling
  • Fixed the Void bug with Chest
  • Fixed Range being +1 over the intended limit for Tri bow
  • Fixed softlock when dying to The Void, but negated damage with Endure leaving the player in a state of alive, but not able to interact
  • Fixed Shield Bash going on cooldown when trying to cancel the skill
  • Fixed Baby Hydra being smaller than intended
  • Fixed Event Packs not saving after purchasing and closing the game
  • Fixed Silver Da Kat not appearing if you don’t speak to him the first time you kill Eternal Wraith
  • Fixed Ricochet not inflicting status effects after the first target
  • Fixed double strike and triple strike not inflicting status effects per strike
  • Fixed certain range checks like Scatter allowing it to damage the same enemy more than once
  • Fixed Bosses traveling at supersonic speed due to incorrect collision checks
  • Fixed VIP not updating meter after gaining more VIP xp through Rankings than the max meter
  • Fixed Haste Proc occurring when the damage taken was self-inflicted
  • Fixed Boss and Wraith spawning immediately after caves and each other
  • Fixed dungeons being longer than 1000 steps at higher levels/steps
  • Fixed Free Revives being consumed even when using Dark Matter to revive

Hotfix v1.3.169:

  • Fixed text overflow on second column of character stats screen
  • Fixed one chunk of the desert having no enemies spawn
  • Fixed being able to cancel Hydra’s leap animation. Note: You will end up inside him, but this will require another update on cross checking where he lands vs where his hitbox is
  • Fixed double Frank Forger bug
  • Fixed quick save distance needed still working after 50 steps instead of 100 steps
  • Fixed Skip All Upgrades triggering when selecting No on the confirmation for Skill All Upgrades
  • Fixed Desert Dungeon exit having the same entrance animation

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  1. hi developer thank you very much for this very big update to be honest this update is very good it makes me very excited to play one bit again I will always wait patiently for the next update 😀

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  2. I was just playing pyromancer and it seems that there is still self slow on cleaver – I got one with 0.9% self slow at level 9

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  4. Do any of the status-based runes work when applied to weapons without that status effect? E.g., poison rune on a battle axe?

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