Galactic Slice, LLC Made in Milwaukee

I am Jonathan Concepcion, CEO and lead developer of Galactic Slice and this is the start of my gaming company made in Milwaukee. For the longest, I was living the full-time life working 40-48 hours in retail until a back injury put me on the light load list. My life's biggest questions hit me like a ton of bricks. What if this happens again? How will I support my family? Is there anyway to prevent this? In the end, I looked back at some of my old game projects I made in Unity and decided it was time to go full force in releasing an actual game. I grew up playing games and went to college for game design with no luck in landing a job in that field. Overtime, I didn't have confidence that I could do it alone until OneBit Adventure came to my mind. A simple game that could dominate the imaginative mind and bring forth potential in the roguelike world. In this, Galactic Slice was born as a company that would bring games from out of this word in a simple yet effective slice of gaming.

The beginning was slow and steady with lots of burnouts. I stumbled across a free asset pack that caught my eye. Being a programmer, I didn't have much flexibility in creating assets nor the artistic eye. That's when Scott Hartill (aka Cluly) came along to help with creating tiles and characters for the project, Onebit Adventure. Within 3 months, I was able to develop a playable version where you could adventure and survive against some rogue turn-based enemies. From then, I knew this was the start of something great that connected my inner passion for retro gaming in a simple and fun experience.

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Galactic Slice, LLC is a game company based in Milwaukee, WI that has reached millions of users through its hit mobile game, OneBit Adventure. Made in Milwaukee and will forever grow in Milwaukee!


Jonathan Concepcion-Rodriguez

Founder & CEO

(The guy on the left)

Lead programmer and developer. Lone wolf pizza hunter. Also known as SpaceKryptonite.