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What platforms is OneBit available on?

You can download it on Google Play Store or the App Store. It is also available on Windows PC, but it is very experimental and does not receive much updates.

Can I transfer my save file to another device?

Yes. You will need the Username and Cloud Id which is located in the main menu settings which is where you can Retrieve the save file with the new device. Usernames are case-sensitive so be sure to make sure it matches exactly.

How often will updates come?

Current goal is every 2-3 weeks given there is no severe bugs that needs to be fixed.

Can I save an adventure to play later?

Classic mode will auto-save adventures at campfires and if you close out, the game will save the last campfire’s distance. Hardcore mode is the only mode where saving only works if you tap Save Adventure at a campfire.

How can I earn Diamonds without paying money?

Completing daily quests, certain achievements, promo codes, and finding rare chests will give you Diamonds.

Why does going downward kill my character?

It was an old feature in closed beta where the screen chases and kills you if you didn’t move fast enough. This feature was removed, but we still love to keep the screen kill as a nod to this forgotten feature.

Bats are going over fences and walls!?

Yup, they fly in this game… except ghosts… darn their ability to phase through…

Why is Self-Slow an upgrade?

It is an inconvenience upgrade that is purposely there to ruin the upgrade slots.

Where can I submit bugs or suggestions?

Visit the Contact Us page and submit a form.

How do I unlock the Almighty Ostrich?

It’s all a secret. Shhh.