About OneBit

OneBit is a retro roguestyle dungeon crawler with unique enemies to overcome. In this game, you adventure the lands to fight enemies to level up your stats, and discover the delicious loot scattered throughout the lands. Choose from a variety of classes that range in different abilities in this epic dungeon crawler experience. While in beta, there is much to discover and plenty more to come to this game.

The Future

There is much to discover and v1.0 is only the beginning. There are plans for more bosses, more dungeons, more lootable items, and quests that will make OneBit Adventure a game truly worthy of playing. The retro aspect will remain intact and the rewards for those who support will go far beyond what you can imagine. Join us and spread the word of OneBit!

Help Mold the Community

We are still in the early stages of development and have a discord community! Join us and chat with other OneBiters, give us your feedback and ideas to make OneBit the ultimate pixel roguelike adventure game on the mobile platform!