Looking for a Turn-Based Roguelike? Play OneBit Adventure!

OneBit is a casual turn-based roguelike RPG with endless adventure against 8-bit monsters. Adventure as far as you can to find loot, level up your stats, and reach your max potential. Choose from a variety of classes that range in different abilities in this epic turn-based roguelike RPG. Play on-the-go with one hand and save with a tap so you can play anytime! The game's minimalistic approach is easy on the eyes and allows you to learn very quickly. Currently available on Android and iOS with future plans to release onto Windows PC via Steam!

The Future of OneBit Adventure

While in early stages, there is much to discover and v1.0 is only the beginning. Moreover, there are plans for more bosses, more dungeons, more lootable items, and quests that will make OneBit Adventure a game truly worthy of playing. The roguelike elements help OneBit remain vigilant in the content that it brings. Above all, the pixel art remains a cornerstone to this game's asthetics. Here's what toucharcade.com thinks of OneBit Adventure!

Help Mold the Community

Envision the future and help bring this game from the ground up to be as great as it can be! We are still in the early stages of development and have a discord community! In addition, many suggestions have been requested and implemented! Chat with OneBit players and share ideas to make OneBit Adventure the ultimate turn-based roguelike RPG game on the mobile platform!

OneBit Adventure gameplay showing turn-based combat