Dreams Come True Update – Teaser

I am back to 100% focus on OneBit Adventure as we work towards trying to meet the expectations that OneBit deserves. It has been about 4 months since the last major update and I am happy to say, the next one will be a Dreams Come True update featuring a lot of your suggestions throughout the entire game. This update will include Necromancer’s 2nd profession and I still have a lot more to go over, but I wanted everyone to know that a lot of progress is being made.

Better Looking Entrances

Most entrances are getting updated to look more spectacular. This is to make the overall experience feel real and the transition feel right. The Caves, Ruins, Castle, and Underworld will all have new entrances and animations that fit perfectly with what awaits inside their respective dungeons.

Quality of Life Updates

OneBit has a lot of things packed into it. With the recent form submissions on Discord, I was able to understand and gather up all those little things that will make OneBit a lot more efficient and spent less time being frustrating. Most notably, leveling up past 70+ is a strong grind and so I am going to be experimenting with the scaling Xp formula on enemies during open beta. Quick Save Heal/No Heal will now have a toggle so you can spend your quick saves when you need it. Re-casting/reusing a skill will be possible so you can quickly spam your bolts and other skills that don’t have cooldowns. Making Chaotic Death Notice more obvious so that you can understand the situation the game is placing you in if you accept the quest. These are a bit of the drastic changes that will impact OneBit heavily, but for the better.

New Leaderboards

I do believe it is time to update the rankings rewards to help more players get rewards as well as adding a new leaderboard for each class (yes, this includes the secret class!). I am also going to experiment with server side data on being able to view a submitted score’s character build. This will make it more transparent in terms of finding cheaters, but also help bring more multiplayer elements by seeing what builds are dominating the rankings.

Repetitive Overworld

I get reviews all the time on this issue and for sure, I believed more dungeons was the answer; however, that is not the case. The overworld consists of 50 chunks, but that is spread between layers of level and steps reached. When reaching past the threshold, only 30 chunks are used which is where the repetition comes in as well as the idea that the environment is the same. I am planning on adding more chunks and new biome types to help make the overworld not all trees, grass, and bricks.

New Prestige Tokens

Being able to skip the process of prestige is another issue for those that dislike the idea of starting over and only want to just reach max level once. These tokens will skip the grind, but is fair and valid given the amount of time it takes to reach max Prestige. They are only valid on non-hardcore characters and will be added to the shop as well as bonus tokens will be given to VIP players based off their level before this update, but more on that later.

And More…

There are a lot more things sprinkled in this dream update and I do believe most of these changes will drastically affect newer players. More info will be presented in the open beta release post which I am expecting another 2-3 more weeks. I am aware a lot more balance issues and bugs have been posted and do know that I will be working on them during open beta.

27 thoughts on “Dreams Come True Update – Teaser”

  1. This is truly amazing, a groundbreaking update that gives OBA more spice. Keep up the good work!

    1. Una pequeña queja gente, en general nunca me ha pasado pero mi cuenta de ya hace años, aproximadamente 3 años o 2 o más incluso ya ni recuerdo, ha sido bloqueada por que me morí en harcord no entiendo bien eso pero espero puedad ayudarme <3 quiero conectarme en el ranking y pues a cuentas bloqueadas no deja jugar con conexión.. y eso que ya tenia vip.. prestigio 5.. soy muy de usar necromancer, (en especial se que es un arduo trabajo todo esto, así que no espero una respuesta honestamente.. y respecto a la Actualización suena un buen cambio de ambiente para alguien como yo que ha jugado su maravilloso juego desde que tenía un celular con poco ram.. realmente mi tipo de juego =D

  2. I’m new, but I’m happy so far. I get frustrated when things go wrong, but it’s a learning curve! Could we have a Harlequin skin for thief class? I’m currently Jokester skin, and have a thing for clowns and jesters. I can’t play to often, but I love this game!

  3. Lmao I think I’m gonna cry from sheer joy. Ty so much for listening to the communities opinion, as always. I have to say I’m most hyped for the new overworld changes. You da best Jonathan!

  4. the archer class was fun and i was hoping that it has a class upgrade from archer to Gun Slinger. and from Pyromancer to Flame Knight or something because most of its skill is overkill but gives no room for durability.

  5. Just a big thanks for pouring so much love into the game! 5+ year player here, and it’s still my favorite lil game.

  6. I’m an oldschool OBA player and came back to the game about 1 month ago, was super happy to see all the changes. Knowing there’ll be more stuff added yet again makes me want to stick to the game for long and help the community too (which sadly due to work have had little time for). Also kudos for class-specific leaderboards, and then the idea of having their builds transparent will be absoluvely awesome. I also do have many quality suggestions to share, will look forward to sending them soon but only after new stuff is launched. Thank you so much for this game Jonathan and everyone, definitely one which will accompany me for a long time. Also for all the Archer players out there, beware cause I’m coming for the #1 😉

  7. Can’t wait, recently came back to the game after a 100-200 day hiatus and am shocked with how good the game look now, so I can’t wait for this new update.

  8. Amazing. The whole project of yours, I love reading these articles. Every time the game gets finer and richer.

    Though I have to give some words to my concerns.
    The game is getting faster, and I hope that it doesn’t mean it gets easier. I can see why the rework of the ranking system is needed, there are a lot more players compared to the time this game was born.

    Imo the repetitive nature of the tiles is a feature. Although it’s unintended it gives me a safe and calming experience, as I can navigate through the well-known environment, always a few steps ahead of what can be seen on the screen.

    ((Also actually I like the grind above 85+ even. With the new power-ups & double xps it’s way more easier to level up and prestige the characters. Imo the rune update was the crucial one, bc characters cannot reach as far without runes as with them. I have a Wizard before that update whose scores I haven’t submitted yet, and at the time he would have been in the top 13 or something in the all time kills leaderboard. This is a different game by now, and he wouldn’t get any rune by now, bossing is not an option for this guy, who uses the abyss even against the weakest opponents.))

    As I mentioned before I love seeing this game’s evolving nature, maybe this is just some kind of fear of the change from my side. I love the current version, and maybe I’ll miss it. After a couple of new updates there might be an old school version – just for the nostalgia.

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I believe your updates make this game better. You proved this every single time. <3

  9. As someone else has mentioned, the Alchemist Class, IMO, would B *AWESOME* to have (I used to play WoW, and my character’s profession was Herbalist/Alchemist, but his Class was Human Warlock; I think Alchemist would fit in pretty well, here

  10. Another update that excites me, i do have some request that keeps me up when im doing a run.

    First is new classes
    Please this is a must have since its been years if i was right and still no new classes. Not just me but everyone wants this, just imagine adding classes like Gunner, Berserker, Engineer, Summoner and much more. (I knew it would take awhile to make it so yeah i will wait.)

    Second is more secret posters
    The pineapple on pizza was boring (sorry for this guys)
    How about add some posters from players
    (They would type their messages to their liking, and pick some hilarious or any messages like this)

    My name is Jeff

    Its useless but its fun i guess

    Third is animations when travelling through random biomes/places
    Who else wants animations when going through places like mines, pirate ship and every places?
    Just me, okay.
    (Again its useless but it looks cool)

    Fourth, More modes
    Adventure mode and Hardcore mode is great and challenging but i think more modes are more challenging.
    Imagine having modes like:

    Boss mode (every 500 steps theres a boss that awaits)

    No health potions mode
    1 hp mode
    No shops mode
    ArE YOu InSAnE (combines every mode)

    Also when adding this, please add an option where you can pick modes in your choice if you dont like the “ArE YOu InSAnE” mode

    Oh yeah, when picking the ArE YOu InSAnE mode, add some new dialogs when interacting to
    Npc’s like “Death awaits” “Prepare for the worse”
    “Your fate has been sealed” something like that.

    Last but not the least, multiplayer mode.
    No explanation, multiplayer is fun
    (and chaotic :D)

    So yea i think this was all that i can suggest, i do think that this was a good suggestions. I know some of my suggestions can take years to finish so i will wait even if it takes years to make. Please notice this or i will lose my mind 🙁
    Just kidding, thanks for another great update Mr. Jonathan. I wish you and your team the best 🙂

    1. You might wanna put these on the discord server, they probably have a better chance of being read by him there.

  11. Amazing!
    Only been playing for a couple months and i believe this is one if not the best offline games. Tbh the main issue i found was the repetitive world ,but you got that covered . Now my suggestion? Make free cosmetics for players (obtain through quests and such) because im sure that much like me , not everyone has time and money to get gems . Now im not saying to make 14 new per class but yknow , having free skins for theif or warrior would be nice.
    I highly doubt you will read this but thanks for the amazing game.

  12. I have been playing OBA for over a year now, great strides have been made. This is one of the longest and most useful of them all! This will bring much needed efficiency to an already marvelous game. I can’t wait to see the final results.

  13. I have a small request, to buff the appearance rate of dreamers in the underworld, I was never able to achieve the task “cleaning the underworld” because the number of dreamers eliminated that it requires is much greater than the low appearance rate of dreamers, I have reached 35,000 steps and every time I go to the underworld only 3 or 6 dreamers appear. I really enjoy your game and I hope you will consider correcting this, thank you very much.

  14. Are you going to make egg colors permanent? I want to permanently dye my player… for fashion reasons, of course. I mean skins are cool and all, they just aren’t… personal enough.

  15. Really excited! Please add duel wielding though, I know double strike exists but it would be fun to be able to use two different weapons in one turn.

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