Dreams Come True – Release Notes v1.3.219

The time has come and the dreams are coming to life in OneBit Adventure! This update is currently rolling out to all platforms and is packed with many fulfilled suggestions made by the community as well as introducing Necromancer’s 2nd tier profession, Puppeteer! Welcome the 5 new dungeon entrances, 100 new Overworld chunks, Class-based leaderboards, Xp increase, quality of life improvements, and so much more! If you have read the previous post, this will be similar, but more finalized for what you can expect with this update and moving forward.

Necromancer’s New Profession – Puppeteer

Master of control with an army of undead ready to battle and chain reaction potential. Synergy between puppet types as well as being able to use skillpoints to maximize their potential. This profession will prove useful in overwhelming your foes and protecting the ones you summon to do the fighting for you. Transcended form has major changes allowing you to utilize your Extended Reach to deal damage from a far.

Finalized Puppeteer Skill List

Skill stats may change in later versions

Extended Reach Skill

This skill allows you to deal damage in a 3×2 area when using mana to attack and can be used while transcended! In certain cases, you can attack enemies over certain obstacles as long as the direction you are going is not blocked. I’ve reworked transcend so the Soul Survivor profession can now use Magic Range+ while transcended!

New 100 Overworld Chunks

I can’t stress enough of how much of a huge milestone this is. To put this into perspective, Overworld has 50 chunks, but only 30 are used after reaching a low step threshold. Repetition is one of the major flaws for OneBit and 100 new chunks will help fix that tremendously. I’ve also made chunks spawn more uniquely by preventing chunks to repeat by having the level generator go through 50% of the maps before repeating. New biomes will be coming in the next major update which will help create zones in the Overworld map so you can expect more variety and different enemies to appear in those zones.

More Spellcasting Improvements

You can now spam to your hearts content as the ability to re-cast a skin is now possible! This works for any spellcast that uses mana which includes Necromancer’s Beyond the Grave. The sound queue for activation will be muted upon re-casting and you can view how much mana you have on that screen!

More Xp and Less Grind for Level 70-100

I can now say the grind isn’t as much of a brick wall than it was before. Normal enemies now give 100% more scaling xp making the level up process in later stages a whole lot better.

5 New Dungeon Entrances

New Ruins Entrance

The world is becoming more alive with each new entrance! Caves, Ruins, Castle, Underworld, and Depths of the Sea have all gotten a touch up and will be a new standard for dungeons in general.

Customize Your Skill UI

A huge quality of life feature is the power to move your skills UI to wherever you want. You can make them big or small, invisible, align them, etc. As of now, the game saves portrait and landscape layout separately so you can cross sync and have 2 different layouts between Steam and Mobile.

New Class-Based Leaderboards – No Rewards At This Time

I have decided to hold back on giving rewards for class-based rankings in favor of introducing more unique rewards in the near future. Stay tuned, but for now, you can rank based off your class and see how much steps others are making in those categories.

New Overworld Official Soundtrack

Give thanks to the glorious Scotty Rich as he produced the new Overworld music which feels much more alive! Listen to the new Overworld music with this link to Spotify as well as all the music he has made for OneBit Adventure!

New Prestige Token

Some love resetting characters to grind back to 100 and others want to grind their character only once. Prestige Tokens are here to provide that option in the premium shop with choices of 1, 3, or 5 tokens and only works for Classic characters. These tokens will only be visible in the Prestige screen and the premium shop. You don’t need a token to prestige. Once you reach level 100, you can prestige for free or with the token to prevent resetting the character.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your support and feedback. The 100 new chunks have been received very well in terms of reducing repetition throughout the game. I look forward to the many joys that this update will provide and stay tuned for the next major update as Pyromancer’s 2nd tier profession will be priority and much more professions throughout the year.

v1.3.219 Final Notes:

  • Added Necromancer’s Puppeteer profession which includes 5 new skills
  • Added 100 Overworld map chunks
  • Added new Overworld music
  • Added Prestige Tokens to allow classic characters to prestige without leveling to 100
  • Added new Ultimate Bundle to the shop (20,000 Diamonds, 5,000 VIP Xp, and 10 Prestige Tokens)
  • Added toggle option for reusing an active skill that has no cooldown
  • Added Login Streak to profile stats
  • Added new dungeon entrance/exit for Caves, Ruins, Castle, Depths of the Sea, and Underworld
  • Added notification to Rankings UI in main menu to show if Rankings is disabled due to being in Open Beta or offline mode
  • Added Edit Skill UI which allows you to move active skill icons to any location of the screen. This individually saves for portrait and landscape
  • Added 96 new leaderboards to Rankings which includes a rank for each class type including secret class
  • Added toggle for Quick Save Heal/No heal so you can decide when you want to spend your heals
  • Added notification UI for Chaotic Death Notice to give more information about the quest when the level starts generating bosses only
  • Added Skip All Upgrades toggle so you can re-enable it in your character’s adventure upgrade page
  • Reduced load times of themes by 50%
  • Reduced amount of Baby Mossy Hydras that spawn from 3 -> 2
  • Reduced amount of hp Mossy Hydra heals from Baby Mossy Hydras from 15% -> 5% max hp
  • Removed Soul Damage and replaced it with Magic Power+
  • Updated Beyond the Grave to spawn with stats based off of 100% of player’s current mp damage as damage and 100% of max mana as hp
  • Updated Beyond the Grave to no longer use Expedition Buff
  • Updated Beyond the Grave utilize skillpoints to increase damage by 7.5% and hp by 10%
  • Updated Level Up to fully restore hp and mana in Classic mode
  • Increase spawn chance for specific chunks to contain Mimics from 2% -> 10%
  • Updated level generation to stop repeating map chunks until 50% of the chunk pool is reached
  • Updated Go Home screen to End Adventure screen which now has more clear that it will end the adventure
  • Updated dungeon spawn type to never repeat after reaching level 15 excluding the use of Adaptive Eye
  • Updated Magic Range+ to work while Transcended
  • Updated text for Soul Cooldown into Transcend Cooldown
  • Updated Pet slot to only become visible after owning a pet
  • Increased amount of free character slots from 5 -> 10
  • Increased scaling xp of normal enemies by +1 which is equal to 100% for Ghosts and Spiders, but other enemies may vary between 50-150%
  • Optimized damage scripts and status inflictions which may make variables more accurate than previously
  • [iOS] – Updated bottom UI to move up a little due buttons being too close to iPhone’s app switching native button
  • Fixed a save file error upon receiving certain status effect and doing a quick save no heal
  • Fixed Daily Login Rewards being lost if you do not claim the reward before logging in the next day
  • Fixed Hardcore character cloud save being overwritten due to 2 save request being done on the same frame causing files to sometimes merge
  • Fixed cloud errors causing the game to stop login when the save file is not properly formatted or corrupted
  • Fixed Knockback 3 not increasing temporary resistance upon infliction
  • Fixed Pearl Dealer not saving after buying a pet and force closing
  • Fixed Hardcore scores also posting to Classic leaderboards
  • Fixed cloud save not saving revive timers
  • Fixed Sword Dancer swords going towards player’s position instead of ally’s position when it attacks an ally
  • Fixed Magic Range+ working when you have no mana
  • Fixed player not being able to move left/right when the camera clips below the bottom boundary and a wall is blocking your path upward
  • Fixed enemy spawning into tiles due to them moving into tiles that have yet to spawn
  • Fixed size of sprite when transcending into Baby Mossy Hydra
  • Fixed Easter Eggs not counting due to no special events happening
  • Fixed starting damage of Bunnies being higher than intended
  • Fixed Double Item Chance working on keys when it was not intended to
  • [Cloudscript] – Updated server to erase scores for all-time and any class rankings upon auto-ban

Additions Through Open Beta

  • Updated Share Build and Skill screen to display if a skill isn’t available in the current version of the game
  • Updated Respecs to remove Transcend stats from saved adventure
  • Updated Ranking rewards to include 75x Diamonds allowing lowest reward given to be rank 200th
  • Changed magic damage calculation for summons to utilize spellcast, cast surge, and other buffs
  • Fixed Bosses not getting aggressive when an ally attacks them too far from the player which also fixes Attack tiles desync
  • Fixed actions UI being updated more than once every frame
  • Fixed actions UI not updating when an ally attacks, but the player doesn’t move
  • Fixed errors with sprite animations specific to new dungeon entrances including desert dungeon
  • Fixed transcend form being able to heal
  • Fixed transcend UI not update to Wraith when transcending into it
  • Fixed Bandit not following Thief while incognito

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  1. I think the addition of the tokens is a bad idea. Prestige rewards people for their work and grind. Using a token pretty much feels like cheating.

    1. I’m going to be honest. Some players don’t have the time to prestige to max level or enjoy reaching level 100 and having to reset back to level 1. It is a progress skip, but keep in mind that tokens do not work in hardcore mode.

    1. Expect rollout to happen slowly for iOS as I got the notification this morning that it was approved for release. Android rolls out quicker, but it may vary depending on country.

  2. Good work yet again Jonathan!!!

    Take a well deserved break, you’ve earned it buddy

  3. I agree with Tim on some level. It does feel like cheating, though instead of only getting them through the shop, you should be able to get these tokens through certain time played.

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