Wizard’s Cryomancer Update v1.3.186

Wizard’s new 2nd tier profession, Cryomancer, is officially rolling out to Google Play, App Store, and Steam! This new profession packs tons of chilling abilities with more damage, a new Freeze status effect, and more combinations with a total of 6 new unique skills to play with. The ability notes are mostly the same as the open beta notes, but I want to also announce your invitation to a new Skin Contest for Wizard’s Cryomancer profession! Check out the details below.


This is your main active damage ability giving you an impactful 800% mp damage for the price of 100% base mana. You will get a 50% chance to freeze enemies which will also deal additional damage once they thaw from your attack. It does have limited range compared to other skills as you will need to be in close proximity to cast, but no worries! Your profession in the art of ice will keep you safe from your own Glacier attack.

Freeze Status Effect

When an enemy is frozen, it becomes immune to stun, but will take 300% mp damage upon ending it’s freeze status effect. The mp damage is based off the main stat you had upon infliction. Keep in mind that Cursed Swords will reflect status effects including freeze.

Ice Walls

Build your fort and block your opposing foes in order to strategically attack enemies through walls. You can spawn as much walls as your mana can cast, but you will not be able to cast it upon yourself.

Mana Sacrifice

You will be able to consume mana in order to deal more mp damage with this new skill. Your mana display will change while active letting you know your are consuming more mana for more mp damage.

Cryomancer Skill List

Pricing for new skills are finalized compared to open beta notes. Certain stats may change in the future.

New Wizard Cryomancer Skin Contest!

With a new profession comes a chance for your to bring your art to the table and receive lots of in-game Diamonds and VIP Xp! We are doing a skin contest themed around the new Cryomancer profession. You can submit up to 5 sprites. The details for how to design your sprites are down below and only 1 winner will be selected. Deadline is February 2nd so take your time. Click here to submit your sprites for the contest and good luck to all!

By entering this contest, you are agreeing to allow Galactic Slice, LLC to use, modify, and own the rights to the sprite for the purpose of OneBit Adventure. Any copyrighted sprites submitted will be disqualified. Submissions are to be sent with this link or the one above. Deadline for submission is no later than February 2nd. Rewards will be redeemable through in-game Rankings upon completion of contest from Staff judges. Submissions can be larger than 16×16 for purpose of viewing larger format and can be .png, .jpg, or .gif. Credit name will be added in following update.

Next Profession

We are excited to say we are moving forward to ensuring every class has 2 professions and Necromancer is next in line. Be ready for some bone crushing action and more teasers in the weeks to come.

Release Notes v1.3.186

This log includes all new changes that were added during open beta.

  • Added Wizard’s 2nd profession, Cryomancer with 6 new unique skills to build with
  • Added Cat to starting camp with infinite petting. You need to interact with the Cat during an adventure for it to appear at your camp.
  • Added pause/resume double xp to the equipment screen
  • Added 1 new Avatar icon
  • Added arrows to top bar UI
  • Increased max VIP level from 7 -> 10. Any xp earned while at level 7 previously will be added with this new update.
  • Updated Cat to become your pet after being interacted with
  • Updated Wraith spawn to appear closer if it spawns before entering a dungeon
  • Updated Haste Chance to no longer trigger on Dummy targets
  • Reduced maximum spawn distance of Wraith by 1,000 steps
  • Fixed certain abilities triggering multiple kills on enemies with 0 hp. This includes double boss loot and triple xp on a single enemy
  • Fixed Caster spawning more than the intended max of 3 skeletons
  • Fixed Tremor dealing damage where it was previously while being underground
  • Fixed game not saving equipment stats when using Blacksmith or Forger then force closing the game
  • Fixed Death Resist Rune not decreasing the chance of receiving Death status
  • Fixed dead script triggering more than once after taking damage while hp is 0 due to stun and panic
  • Fixed Dark Matter staying when the amount is 0 after consuming for revive
  • Fixed Cthulhu spawning tentacles out of bounds
  • [Steam] Updated logo screen to allow Spacebar to begin game

6 thoughts on “Wizard’s Cryomancer Update v1.3.186”

  1. A way to rest your profession would be cool. Only haveing 5 character slots makes me not want to delete my characters. However a penalty of some sort that then allows you to change professions. Would be nice.

    1. There is an option to respec the character profession on the character edit screen. The first time is free. Second time costs 10k coins.

    2. At 50 gems for another character slot, it’s pretty inexpensive to add a new character, plus having five characters to choose from already feels generous.

    3. You can respec proffession one time free, and then for 10000 coins, you can also get more class slots with diamonds

  2. The update is great.
    However I have noticed something which might help if fixed whether it is intentional or not.
    Even though didn’t fast travel any steps, the enemies are higher level than the character.
    My character(thief) is lvl 42 right now but enemies are 44.

    1. I think it’s just level scaling. Im at lvl 79 right now and the enemies are at 100, but the game is still balanced.

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