Removal of Death Notice v1.3.192

Another Death Notice has been removed. Most of the transparency around how it works usually ended with it being reported as a bug so it has been removed. We’ve also added filters to Blacksmith and Forge screen to help get the right equipment needed to upgrade. More filters will be added in the coming updates. For the month of February, I am very focused on bug fixes, but have been backup on customer support so I do apologize for the delays on updates.

Update Log v1.3.192:

  • Added filters to Blacksmith and Forge screen
  • Updated all 7th day logins to give Double Xp as a reward except when an avatar or banner is present
  • Updated Runes to no longer cost to remove and you will be able to keep the removed Rune instead of destroying them
  • Updated color of text for gold equipment that are sold with Sell All Unlocked
  • Updated spawn rate for Caster in Underworld as he was spawning too few in lower step range
  • Reduced amount of Casters needed to kill for Magic Duo quest
  • Reduced Stun timer against Bosses and Elites by 1
  • Removed Stun Immunity from Elites
  • Removed Death Notice from Adventure Quests
  • Fixed certain save data not saving in certain situations including Anarchy, Barrier, Transcend Info, etc.
  • Fixed Daily Login Avatars unlocking earlier than what is shown
  • Fixed cropping of popup text when screen size is too close to out of bounds
  • Fixed Haste icon not appearing in Guide’s Definition

10 thoughts on “Removal of Death Notice v1.3.192”

  1. I would love a better filter for inventory. With there being a decent amount of equipment stats now (double ore, double item, boss dmg, elite dmg, +coin, +stew, etc, etc), could you include a filter to search for specific stat? It gets tiresome sifting through all the gear everytime at the shop to make sure I’m not selling things better than what I have equipped or locked. Thanks! >.<

    1. Make sure you are on the latest version. It still costs to socket, but the removal should be free and return the item you had in the equipment. If the issue still occurs, use the contact form on this website.

    1. Let me add that I really love the game but there are a few small problems but other that this is an absolutely amazing game I don’t like it I love it 4.8 ⭐

    2. Respec Profession is what you are looking for which inside the Character Select > Edit Character.

  2. Didn’t see anything of serious issue when this update was in beta, at least not during my current rogue playthrough.

    Not having runes destroyed on removal is a blessing, especially when you are leveling up a character and are adjusting your equipment to remain as consistent of a build as possible. However, it seems that the drop rate of the lifesteal rune has fallen off a cliff, restarted my maxed Archers adventure several times in order to farm for said rune yet had no luck even by the time I’d reached 50k steps. And that was even when I was using the Adaptive Eye to specifically ensure the next dungeon was Desert. Either got bad RNG luck or something is up with the odds.

    Also, either my current build is trash and I’ve been spoilt by starting out with an Archer build or Thief needs a bit of TLC in order to make it more progressive as you level up and get further in step count. Bats can detect you when you’re invisible (sure, makes sense), but it’s a bit unfair that every Elite knows where you are, so you don’t get a chance to sneak up on them. Yes, they are minibosses, but there should at least be some chance to get in close without being needlessly walloped.

    Love the Cat Assassin skin, perfect for my Thief build. It’s pure joy when I’ve got myself a Splitter or sweeping axe so it gives the illusion that my character is swiping at enemies with their claws. Funny thought though – why does the cat pet the cat at the camp? Would be hilarious if a unique dialogue were to happen instead…

    Finally, would love me some more in game secrets to stumble across. More variation to the hidden sign dialog, more secret or build specific dialog from camp npcs. Even npcs you come across during your first milestones make an occasional reappearance during your adventures.

    Finally finally, a sort of bug I remembered – Levatis. Resuming an adventure he reappears ~50 steps ahead of where he is in camp, at one point I recall seeing the two Levatis sprites on screen (probably because I was close to a surface world boss or dungeon). Same goes for the blacksmith. Definitely recall seeing two at once. I say roll with it and just tweak the dialog perhaps (Levatis wants to do a last minute sale – “Ah, knew you forgot something.”, the smith – “Yeah, um pretend you didn’t see that…”)

    If it’s not too much work, a little more deviance in the world and npc personality would help liven the each adventure, especially when you are in the process of prestiging a character for the nth time.

    1. Definitely believe RNG was not in your favor as all Runes have the same drop chance.

      Thanks for the feedback on the rest and I will consider them for future updates!

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