Cryomancer Skin Contest Winner Enters v1.3.195

It’s that time to celebrate the Cryomancer Skin Contest Winner and honorable mentions! Discord was notified a while ago, but I certainly didn’t want to miss out on posting the results to everyone. The new Cryomancer skin known as Iceborn is now available permanently as of v1.3.195. Thank you to Logan as “? ? ?” for creating a fantastic skin fit for OneBit!

Honorable mentions starting from left to right are Tabbi , xArcanjo, and thanatoast5049! Thank you for participating in this event and we look forward to creating more events in the coming months!

Update Log v1.3.193-195:

This version is out on Google Play and pending review for App Store as of February 21st. We apologize for the delay as v1.3.194 provided an instant crash that needed to be resolved. If you are experiencing instant crashes on Android, please update to v1.3.195 or above.

  • Added Cryomancer contest winner’s skin as “Iceborn” Wizard
  • Added 3 skins to Silver Da Kat (1 Warrior, 1 Pyro, and 1 Archer skin)
  • Increased Stun redundancy towards player from 25% -> 40% making it less likely to get perma-stunned
  • Updated minimum drop rarity for Miner-H and Miner-C from Uncommon to Mythical
  • Updated empty chests to no longer happen past 500 steps
  • Updated min/max of next dungeon spawn from 100-1000 to 200-600
  • Updated max spawn distance for campfire from 5000 to 2000 steps
  • Fixed Transcend UI disappearing after reviving
  • Fixed Leech not going into cooldown after activating skill
  • Fixed shop sell all unlocked not separating gold equipment from normal equipment when displaying sell list
  • Fixed UI appearing after dying while using spellcast/active skills
  • Fixed UI lag when claiming daily quest and then leaving screen immediately
  • Fixed Spiked hitbox being 3×3 instead of 3×2
  • Fixed Necro’s transcend to Wraith only copying the Wraith’s head
  • Fixed Glacier and Grand Heal not waking up Gargoyles upon casting
  • Fixed Secondary theme colors not properly updating when disabled
  • Fixed issues with load-in times for theme colors that would crash on certain low end devices

Last minute fix for v1.3.195.

  • Fixed Worm dealing more damage than intended

2 thoughts on “Cryomancer Skin Contest Winner Enters v1.3.195”

  1. Восхитительная игра, скорее всего даже лучшая из всех подобных, всем советую!

  2. So that’s why worm was so op and I was getting almost everytime one shot by worm.

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