Warrior Cleric Profession Update

It’s finally here! The start of phase 2 for professions starts with Warrior with a new Cleric profession that utilizes health to your advantage in order to deal the most damage! This profession boost max hp past its limits while combining different skills to give the most survivability and damage. This profession also deals extra damage to undead which is the first enemy type with bonus damage.

Grand Heal Skill

Revenging Smite Skill

Cleric Skill List

Here’s the full skill list for Cleric. Keep in mind, if you have a profession selected already for the Warrior, you can reset it in the main menu > Select Character > Edit Character > Respec Profession.

5 New Banners

Warrior Cleric Skill Contest Results

We held a little contest for designing a Cleric skin on Discord and the winner was @MelancholyG! His skin will be in this update. If you want to join in future contests, join the official OneBit Adventure Discord!

Honorable Mentions:

Going Forward

With Warrior’s 2nd profession complete, you can sure bet every class following this update will be receiving their 2nd profession. Things are going to take a bit longer as my work time for OneBit has been reduced due to irl stuff happening so I do apologize for delays going forward.

Update Log v1.3.70:
– Added new Warrior profession as Cleric with 5 new unique skills
– Added 1 new Warrior skin
– Added 5 new banners (2 animated)
– Added Controller Only to settings in order to disable both Swipe and Dpad mode
– Updated sounds for active skills to be more consistent with if the skill is used or can’t be used
– Updated Left Analog Stick to now function properly for movement without causing swipe to softlock
– Updated Critical Death Notice to Critical Challenge where you must perform 100 critical hits to complete the quest
– Fixed skills activating when inputting amount for Coin Thrower making it impossible to type the shortcut number to Coin Thrower
– Fixed throwables prioritizing movement when a coin is closer than an enemy within attack range

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