v1.3.58-64 Cloud + Cross Sync Hotfixes

Steam launch is officially here and with it, lots of fixes for Cross Sync! I want to thank all those who have been sending reports, testing builds before release, and baring with me on getting cross sync issues resolved! This has been an exciting experience with lots of challenges and I feel the process was will worth the effort. Below is more details on these past number of hotfixes.

Cross Sync Fixed

Majority of issues with Cross Sync are now resolved! There was a lot of spaghetti code, but I was able to clean it up and now is functionally working with little to no issues assuming username and cloud id matches. Thanks for your patience. If you still have issues with Cross Sync, you may need to disable and re-enable it, but if that doesn’t work, please email me at jonathanconcepcion12@gmail.com or message me on Discord.

Cloud Data Fixed

A number of issues were found which normally wouldn’t have been found without the release of Steam. These issues include Cloud Data being sent way too much that it forces it to now upload due to frequency limits. There were also issues with the way Cloud Data compares save files which now officially checks playtime to provide the most used Cloud Data. I do plan on adding UI for confirmation of Retrieve Save File, but overall, things are much better and reliable.

Moving Forward

With all game breaking bugs fixed and Cross Sync functioning as it should, I can now move forward to the next update. I will be taking a 1 week break just to regain some sanity from the Cross Sync issues. I will also be attending 2Dcon this weekend which is Minnesota’s largest gaming convention! I am excited about this event as this will be the largest and furthest event away from home (5-hr drive lol). I am truly grateful for the patience of everyone especially new players that have just joined. I look forward to providing more content in the near future!

New Promo Code

Use promo code: “SyncFix” to collect 100 in-game Diamonds!

v1.3.58-64 Update Log:

  • Updated VIP level up to also increase quick save by 1 to all active adventures
  • Updated Retrieve Save File to provide more text details on what is happening while it is retrieving
  • Fixed Swipe mode not working in v1.3.62. Please update if you are having this issue!
  • Fixed scroll bug for player equipment swapping
  • Fixed colors in equipment list not changing when using multi-theme
  • Fixed Theme Mixer Overworld dropdown not working
  • Fixed character card upon start not focusing furthest left character when you have used sort mode
  • Fixed load account screen not closing out properly when closing from enter username screen
  • Fixed a hard-lock on Checking Cloud Save due to playtime not parsing correctly
  • Fixed VIP 4 banner not unlocking once reaching VIP 4 if you do not close and reopen the game.
  • Fixed Inventory not updating when buying, selling items as well as upgrading equipment
  • Fixed ad loading icon being visible on Steam version
  • Fixed visual bug with campfire healing
  • Fixed Cross Sync not properly updating depending on internet connection
  • [Steam] Fixed input not being read properly on certain computers causing the character to move without doing anything
  • [Landscape] Fixed first item being not aligned with other items when starting an adventure
  • [Landscape] Fixed being able to move when viewing Adventure Quests
  • [Mobile] Fixed ad not reloading when tapping a rewarded ad button after no ad was found
  • [Mobile] Fixed Cross Sync not working when loading a Steam account

Known issues:

  • Equipment on left panel of landscape mode does not update when upgrading. This is visual, but will be fixed at a later update.
  • Certain Steam step achievements not triggering properly. Doing a fast travel makes it trigger, but reaching the steps isn’t. This will be fixed in a later update.