v1.3.56-57 Release Notes

It’s time for another release! With Steam release around the corner, a lot of preparation has been focused on making sure features needed to thrive on PC exist and work along side with mobile versions. I am happy to say, a LOT of work has been done behind the scenes along with a lot of code restructure to ensure a better experience. OneBit Adventure is officially 3 years old and still continues to amaze me with how much the community has grown! Truly memorable and with it more memories to come. Here are some of the new stuff added in this update! Use promo code “3Years” to get 300 in-game Diamonds as well!

3 Years of OneBit Adventure Banners

\2 new Banners only available August. Gold version is free with VIP 4+

August Exclusive Skins

Controller Mapping (Work In Progress)

I’ve spent a ton of research on controller mapping and it seems as though upgrading Unity made things easier to understand! Although the aspect of key binding buttons to certain functions requires more research, I’m certain it will be a feature in the near future, but for now, this mapping works on any universal controller and mobile version of the game as well.

This is work in progress so expect certain functions to not work in-game. Mainly UI elements.

Next Update

Most efforts will be focused on new content such as new professions, new enemies, new equipment, and 1 new dungeon. A lot of bugs was squashed this update so we will take a break from any bugs unless its game breaking. Controller key bindings will be a future feature not available on Steam launch to avoid any last minute bugs.

v1.3.54-57 Log:

  • Added Exclusive 3 Year Anniversary Banner
  • Added Exclusive Gold 3 Year Anniversary Banner for VIP 4+
  • Added RO-Romanian
  • Added Definitions to OneBit Guide with quick links from Equipment category
  • Added Battery status to settings
  • Added Time Clock to settings
  • Added partial Controller support (A lot of UI elements do not work with controller and no key bindings yet)
  • Added Character Name to Share Build screen. Can toggle on/off by tapping the character
  • Added 2 new monthly exclusive skins for August
  • Added visible warning text for when the player tries to go downward below the screen limit
  • Updated Trief skin to turn to a normal tree when waiting a turn
  • Updated Guide to not hide top and bottom UI in main menu
  • Updated distance that Ostrich march stops
  • Updated Take All from chest to work with Wait button
  • Updated Take All from chest to display what items were picked up
  • Updated delay timer for increasing/decreasing double xp so 1 click/tap isn’t increasing it by 2
  • Updated NPC dialogue to be able to skip through with wait or start button (spacebar or escape key)
  • Updated movement keys to not have delay between presses to allow you to move rapidly
  • Updated Slime spawning to incrementally increase the required coin to spawn another slime by +10 coins each time
  • Reduce delay of Bolt to .25 -> .12 seconds
  • Fixed Warrior avatar incrementing when using another class
  • Fixed Pyromancer avatar incrementing when using another class
  • Fixed Theme Buy/Equip button blocking preview of hp, mana, and xp colors
  • Fixed ability to move a few steps after dying
  • Fixed Almighty One achievement triggering even when Who’s the Boss Now!? has not been completed
  • Fixed softlock when a canceling a Quick Purchase after visiting the Main shop and vice versa
  • Fixed Shield bash only dealing less damage than intended
  • Fixed tutorial UI not matching theme color
  • Fixed enemy spawning outside boundaries from spell casts from Caster, Mossy Hydra, Cthulhu, and others
  • Fixed Unbinding not immediately removing Wrap status upon trigger
  • Fixed particle effect for first Skeleton spawned Caster not triggering
  • Fixed pressing ESC twice or holding in the main menu causes the game to close
  • Fixed Trief name
  • Fixed active spell casting conflicting with controller input even though no controller was present
  • Fixed controller navigation not overlaying buttons properly
  • Fixed main menu Quick Purchase screen not displaying proper price for desired Diamond amount
  • Fixed damage for Fire Barrage not reaching 3x cap on bosses when 3 tiles land on a boss
  • Fixed Wizard Sapius telling you a secret while profession screen is displayed

Steam and Chromebook Log: (Apparently landscape was available the whole time for Chromebook users lol)

  • Added 20 Steam Achievements
  • Added Steam Cloud Save that will work between various PCs
  • Added Steam Leaderboards which is separate from in-game leaderboards and includes Ostrich leaderboards
  • Added Steam exclusive Blood Knight Skin
  • Added Spacebar as Wait a Turn button
  • Updated mouse wheel scroll sensitivity
  • Updated default volume for new players to 60% due to volume being very loud at 100%
  • Updated Main shop to be side by side with Event shop
  • Updated Theme screen to take up full screen width
  • Updated main menu banner to stretch from top to bottom of top bar
  • Fixed cloud load not recognizing the ids from mobile to Steam accounts
  • Fixed Dpad resetting to swipe mode every adventure
  • Fixed Sign not closing when clicking anywhere other than the sign. It can now also close with wait or start button (spacebar or escape key)
  • Fixed sound setting not loading upon startup
  • Fixed tutorial Apple softlocking tutorial UI
  • Fixed tutorial Helmet softlocking tutorial UI
  • Fixed cloud save not caching Steam login ticket
  • Fixed settings screen to display video settings as a button instead of arrows
  • Fixed ad for revive button appearing on character select screen
  • Fixed hp text size on bottom UI being smaller than mana
  • Fixed double Xp timer not going down when character equipment screen is visible
  • Fixed Dpad not disappearing after clicking the wait button on the dpad upon death
  • Fixed Adventure Quest button appearing when resting at campfire
  • Fixed level ups not updating player skills screen