v1.3.54 Open Beta

Greetings, it has been quite a journey of research and understanding Steam API as we move forward to releasing on Steam August 19th! This is truly been a challenge to get things situated coding wise to allow ease of release when working on both mobile and PC versions of the game. Without a doubt, it was a long month of no updates, but it is now time to ramp up content after this update. This will be running the course of Open Beta to make sure no crashes are appearing and that functionality of the game as I did have to redo a lot of code in order for it to work on Steam.

3 Years of OneBit Adventure

Never would I have thought this project would have taken me to the lengths that it is at today! I thank all of you for enjoying, supporting, and motivating me to keep pushing forward. Without your help, I don’t think OneBit Adventure would have lasted this long! I am excited and looking forward to creating more memorable events without the OneBit universe! I’ve decided to add a limited time Banner as well as a new promo code as thanks for celebrating 3 years of OneBit Adventure! We’ve been through so many bug fixes, crashes, quality of life improvements, and straight spaghetti code, but we still have continued into the direction of a pretty nice game 🙂

2 new Banners only available August. Gold version is free with VIP 4+

New Promo Code: 3Years – 300 in-game Diamonds

New Blood Knight Skin (Only available on Steam version)

Once purchased on Steam, you can use the skin on mobile devices!

Controller Mapping

I’ve spent a ton of research on controller mapping and it seems as though upgrading Unity made things easier to understand! Although the aspect of key binding buttons to certain functions requires more research, I’m certain it will be a feature in the near future, but for now, this mapping works on any universal controller and mobile version of the game as well.

This is work in progress so expect certain functions to not work in-game. Mainly UI elements.

v1.3.54 Log:

  • Added Exclusive 3 Year Anniversary Banner
  • Added Exclusive Gold 3 Year Anniversary Banner for VIP 4+
  • Added RO-Romanian
  • Added Definitions to OneBit Guide with quick links from Equipment category
  • Added Battery status to settings
  • Added Time Clock to settings
  • Added partial Controller support (A lot of UI elements do not work with controller and no key bindings yet)
  • Added Character Name to Share Build screen. Can toggle on/off by tapping the character.
  • Updated Slime spawning to incrementally increase the required coin to spawn another slime by +10 coins each time
  • Fixed Warrior avatar incrementing when using another class
  • Fixed Pyromancer avatar incrementing when using another class
  • Fixed Theme Buy/Equip button blocking preview of hp, mana, and xp colors
  • Fixed ability to move a few steps after dying
  • Fixed Almighty One achievement triggering even when Who’s the Boss Now!? has not been completed
  • Fixed softlock when a canceling a Quick Purchase after visiting the Main shop and vice versa
  • Fixed Shield bash only dealing less damage than intended
  • Fixed tutorial UI not matching theme color
  • Fixed enemy spawning outside boundaries from spell casts from Caster, Mossy Hydra, Cthulhu, and others

Steam features added: (currently only available to Closed Beta)

  • Added 20 Steam Achievements
  • Added Steam Cloud Save that will work between various PCs
  • Added Steam Leaderboards which is separate from in-game leaderboards and includes Ostrich leaderboards
  • Added Steam exclusive Blood Knight Skin