v1.3.45 Open Beta Update Log

A small update is rolling out to help adjust early game as well as add a few new treats. I am still working in the background for landscape capability, you can expect a slow down in content until middle of July. I want to ensure I do not leave out small devices that want to utilize landscape gameplay which means adjusting text size of every text in the game. Once that is done, will pump more content with new things in store as well as suggestions from Discord!

Month of July Skins

v1.3.45 Log:

  • Added 1 new Banner exclusive to day 371 login
  • Added VIP meter to purchase completion screen to help visualize level ups with VIP
  • Added Monthly Skin to notify what new skins are available exclusive to the current month (only shown once a month if any skins are available and total playtime is more than 2 hours)
  • Added forced Merchant spawning to adventure start when the character has more items than the max inventory limit allowing players to sell items
  • Added 1 new animated skin for the month of July (for a total of 2 skins in July)
  • Added 1 new secret achievement
  • Updated Campfire to reset cooldowns of all skills
  • Updated color of magic attacks. When the player takes magic damage, the color is more vibrant than dealing magic damage
  • Updated spawn rate for special enemies such as Turkey and Bunny to 20% -> 30% chance to spawn from a Ghost and Spider spawn
  • Updated spawn rate for Merchant to be more frequent in lower steps. Steps under 5000 will spawn between 100 – 300 steps. Steps under 10,000 will spawn between 200 – 500 steps. Anything higher will spawn between 250 – 1000 steps.
  • Updated Classic mode’s base inventory space to 100 -> 200
  • Updated Theme Shop to have quick purchase when you don’t have enough Diamonds to purchase a theme
  • Fixed overloading draw calls in Theme shop
  • Fixed tiny text for Japanese translation in Guide book