Theme Mixer v1.3.25-31

v1.3.31 is finally out and released for all! Theme Mixer Update has become more than just theme mixing, but also a restructure in VIP and a way to avoid waiting for your main menu characters. There are now more opportunities for everlasting gameplay with the feature of Free Main Menu revive for VIP 2+ and you can equip seasonal holidays known as Event Packs! New ascended skills, new skins, new avatars and of course, lots of fixes!

Theme mixer allows you to switch between themes for main menu, gameplay and between dungeons! You can select the ones you own or randomize them all! This feature is exclusive to VIP 4+. With the addition of this feature, we’ve reworked some code to allow even faster load times making this feature a lot more fluid!

5 New Ascended Skill

New Event Pack Bundles!

A new idea was sparked and in terms of seasonal content that allows the opportunity to relive those holidays! You can now spend Diamonds to bring X-mas early with the inclusion of Snow Hats or collect some eggs from the Easter Bunny to keep changing your characters colors! Seasonal holidays effects will still be effective on the months of those holidays. We will be working in the next update to future proof event packs to not expire on the month of its own holiday. Instead, it will be extended to ~60 days to insure your Diamonds are valued properly during those free seasonal periods.

5 New Skins

For All Bird Lovers!

I would like to thank Mr Berdman for his effort in trying to bring the bird to OneBit! Thanks to Valdera94 for updating and bringing his bird to life! You can now rock the animated Bird Avatar upon day 140 login for free! VIP 3+ will get a shiny gold version as well! For all the birds, we embrace you. Know that you are in our hearts and that every retro game out there will know you exist!

Moving Forward

After one more hotfix, we will work straight on a variety of new content and certain suggestions as well! Thank you to all those in Open Beta hashing out all those nasty bugs and look forward to the next update!

Update Log v1.3.25-31:

  • Added Theme Mixer available for VIP 4+. This allows you to change themes based off different areas or even randomizing themes you own
  • Added Free Main Menu revives for VIP 2+
  • Added Event Packs which allows you to equip different holiday themes including items and enemies exclusive to that holiday
  • Added Rewarded Ads for revive in main menu
  • Added 5 new Ascension skills (Mana Efficiency, Item Magnet, Poison Reduction, Stun Resistance, Cooldown Reduction)
  • Added 1 new Adventure Buff (+20% Cooldown Reduction)
  • Added 1 new Wizard skin
  • Added 1 new Bird skin for Ostrich class
  • Added 1 new Archer skin
  • Added 1 new Thief skin
  • Added 1 new limited edition Warrior skin for the month of June
  • Added Bird Avatar and Golden Bird Avatar for VIP 3. Unlocks on daily login 140
  • Updated VIP Perks to visualize all rewards instead of only text
  • Updated Scorched Ones’ Burn Immunity from 100% -> 50% Burn reduction
  • Updated text size for boss meter to reduce chance of overflow text
  • Updated size for Unicorn and Dragon skin
  • Increased prices in Theme shop
  • Increased drop rate for Cooked Turkey from Turkeys 10% -> 30%
  • Fixed tentacle wrapping when player is above the base of the tentacle
  • Fixed Perfect Combo not resetting when a new enemy spawns after killing an enemy with the 3rd hit
  • Fixed quests notification showing incorrect text for which quest was failed
  • Fixed a visual bug when selling all items that include at least 1 longsword showing higher sell value than it really is
  • Fixed sideways thunbnail for theme mixer
  • Fixed Rat’s Max Hp not updating Hp properly when picking up 2 hp equipment values
  • Fixed Soul Damage showing values with demical
  • Fixed player and enemy knockback through Adventure Quest board
  • Fixed actions UI not updating after using Key Master ability
  • Fixed Event Pack selection not working properly between Thanksgiving and X-max packs
  • Fixed button overlap with Quick Purchase screen
  • Fixed shop item description overflowing when selling certain items
  • Fixed Skill Limit Reached text placed in an unreadable location
  • Fixed Story progress not saving to cloud