Theme Mixer Update – Open Beta v1.3.25

We are back on track to adding some new much requested features while continuing to squashing some bugs. Theme Mixer is a VIP 4+ feature that allows you to switch between different themes for different areas or even randomize them! Select a theme for the Main Menu, Overworld, and all dungeons to giving more than 1 theme a purpose! This update is now rolled out to Google Play and Apple’s Test Flight!

New Ascended Skill: Mana Efficiency

Update Log v1.3.25:

  • Added Theme Mixer available for VIP 4+. This allows you to change themes based off different areas or even randomizing themes you own
  • Added Free Main Menu revives for VIP 3+
  • Added interstitial ads to transitions from gameplay to main menu and campfire, but can be removed with VIP 2+
  • Added 1 new Ascension skill called Mana Efficiency
  • Updated VIP Perks to visualize all rewards instead of only text
  • Updated Scorched Ones’ Burn Immunity from 100% -> 50% Burn reduction
  • Updated text size for boss meter to reduce chance of overflow text
  • Fixed tentacle wrapping when player is above the base of the tentacle
  • Fixed Perfect Combo not resetting when a new enemy spawns after killing an enemy with the 3rd hit
  • Fixed quests notification showing incorrect text for which quest was failed
  • Fixed a visual bug when selling all items that include at least 1 longsword showing higher sell value than it really is