v1.3.21 Hotfix

A small hotfix for minor issues along with updating OneBit logo. We are preparing landscape mode for the next major update. A lot of time will be spent moving UI around to allow landscape mode to happen which will be crucial for the upcoming Steam release! Wishlist now if you haven’t! iOS won’t be receiving this update right away in order to avoid any unfortunate errors as I try to review certain crash reports happening on iOS devices.

v1.3.21 Log:

  • Updated review system to use Google’s Review API instead of http
  • Updated OneBit logo
  • Updated Bottom UI to display character class icon instead of always Warrior
  • Updated enemy’s level to be capped at level 100 instead of based off limit break skill
  • Reduced Spiked cooldown from 40 -> 30 turns
  • Fixed sounds not triggering when buying items from merchant
  • Fixed an error that occurred when hiding soul counter
  • Fixed coins and Diamonds not displaying global supply when returning to main menu from a hardcore character