Hotfix v1.3.18

Here are more fixes to help remove some nasty bugs!

v1.3.18 Log:

  • Added Snakevine theme
  • Updated new usernames to reject certain invalid symbols causing errors such as ” \ and :
  • Fixed Panic not triggering a wait turn when the direction of movement hits a wall causing panic timer to still remain visible
  • Fixed Physical Evasion not also evading status inflicts
  • Fixed enemies being able to be knocked back through opened chests
  • Fixed that 1 scary tree in Ruins
  • Fixed Zombies being able to attack inactive enemies. Zombies will not become inactive if you are too far away like how normal enemies are treated
  • Fixed duplicate entries for Guide on Status Effects
  • Fixed blank accounts being made when an error occurs during a save file retrieve
  • Fixed Jade staff not increasing percentage of Cast Surge with Double ore
  • Fixed Jade staff causing items to not be collected when Cast Surge is below max potential
  • Fixed Blindness still showing Dreamers on screen
  • Fixed Beholder not spawning properly spawning Dreamers up to 3 times per battle