Easter Egg Hunt Special Event v1.3.17

With Easter right around the corner and the excitement of OneBit Discord, I went ahead and created a limited-time special event just for you! The Easter Egg hunt is live in which you will find hidden Eggs (not really that hidden lol) throughout your travels.

I promise you, those are eggs, not rocks!

You may come across some savage Bunnies that can also have a chance to drop an Egg. Big thanks to @Valdera94 for the Wizard skin and @MelancholyG for the animated Bunny! This special event will be over by the end of this month so good hunting! You can unlock them right away with Diamonds if you so crave those rewards right away. With this update, also comes some useful features!

Tips is now your OneBit Guide

The tips has been outdated for quite a bit, but now it is time to completely overhaul it. Your OneBit Guidebook contains essential starting information about the game as well as info on when do weapons drop and status effects. This is still being developed and will contain more information on various features like Prestige, Rankings, Enemy bestiary, and more in the coming updates. You can also access the OneBit Guide through the main menu sidebar which played a huge role into getting the next feature into the game which is…

Share Build through Main Menu

No longer shall you waste a quick save to share your epic character build! With the restructure of code, Guide acts as a pillar to transferring important information between scenes. With this feature added, you can now easily share your character builds by going to Edit Character and tapping Share Build.

Update Log

A lot of bugs were resolved in this update as well. Many of which has been in the game for a long time and I do thank you for reporting them!


  • Added OneBit Guidebook to help provide more info about the game. This has replaced Tips and can also be viewed in the main menu
  • Added Share Builds to Edit Character screen
  • Added Easter Egg Hunt event for the month of April with 3 time limited rewards earned through event.
  • Updated Slimes to not spawn in Castle dungeon and instead it will spawn Dreamers
  • Updated Ethereal Shot to include crit chance and crit damage
  • Updated button size of canceling active skill
  • Reduced Stun’s diminishing return timer from 10 -> 5 turns before reset
  • Fixed the Void not including Cast Surge damage multiplier
  • Fixed active attacks not calculating damage properly
  • Fixed Cast Surge not applying correct percentage
  • Fixed Avatar not updating to selected avatar
  • Fixed diminishing returns from Stuns not resetting inflict chance
  • Fixed rewarded ads not working after exiting an ad prematurely
  • Fixed Morgana not dying when in NPC mode
  • Fixed Obelisk working even after destroying them
  • Fixed Ethereal Shot freezes the player’s movement if didn’t get stunned due to stun reduction
  • Fixed Slice and Dice dealing damage to enemies over obstacles
  • Fixed doors staying open when moving from the door to another location with an active skill
  • Fixed improper hit detection for the Void
  • Fixed status effect text appearing on player when the Zombie was inflicted with status effect