v1.3.14 Hotfix

This should be the last major hotfix. Thank you all for the quick bug reporting! Will keep a close eye for any other major issues and looking forward to the next big update! I’ve also decided to add 6 new skins!

6 New Skins

Big thanks to Daniel_ from OneBit Adventure discord for creating the Pharaoh, Paladin, Pirate, Artemis, and animated Jester. Also thanks to Dire Pyre, our #5 sprite design contest winner, who submitted the amazing Emperor skin as well as the Zombie Apprentice skin which is a zombie skin for Beyond the Grave! Pharaoh also has zombie skin turning Zombies into Mummies when wearing the Pharaoh skin. Keep in mind the stats and status effects are the same as Zombies since they are skins. Once you purchase a limited time skin, you own it and can equip it during months outside of its availability!

v1.3.14 Update Log:

  • Added 6 new skins (1 skin is exclusive to April and another exclusive to May)
  • Updated Mana Efficiency profession price from Free -> 10,000 Coins or 100 Diamonds
  • Updated card positioning to go to the current character you are playing when transitioning to main menu
  • Updated character stats to display total Soul Damage for the current transcended form. Previously, only showed the percentage of Soul Damage only, not the amount.
  • Updated stun to have deminishing returns as the chance of inflicting decreases the more you stun or get stunned. Deminishing returns back to normal chance if not stunned by 10 turns.
  • Fixed cloud id revealing when loading any language
  • Fixed cross sync uploads not uploading when leaving/saving adventure
  • Fixed Toxic Surprise using 40% mana instead of 20% to activate
  • Fixed Daily Login triggering twice upon reset
  • Fixed item hitbox allowing player to walk over a boulder upon pickup
  • Fixed Daily Login for new players not starting off on Day 1 reward
  • Fixed Necromancer soul damage adding way more damage than intended
  • Fixed Double Ore not contributing to Cast Surge upon picking up an ore with Jade Staff
  • Fixed Bosses ignoring player when Stealth is activated. This caused overlapping when bosses would wander, but also stealth is not intended to work on bosses
  • Fixed Banner purchase screen not clearing properly
  • Fixed skin shop not properly positioning skins when switching between ones that have hidden skins