v1.3.8-10 Hotfix

There are quite a number of issues that are spawning up in part of the Cross Sync update. I’ve also made some more fixes to other things, but now also have added in account names to Unity Analytics. This will allow me to better find these bugs as crashes/errors do not translate well on the game server.

v1.3.8 Log:

  • Fixed Looting stat going over the intended cap
  • Fixed Amount not appearing on Tomahawk when it is the 6th stat
  • Fixed Shield Bash not being able to be used when the weapon held has sweeping
  • Fixed Range Plus not affecting range of Throwables
  • Fixed infinite Stun effect
  • Fixed Adventure Quests expiring quests with no expiration including hardcore mode

v1.3.9 Log:

  • Updated Cloud id to be hidden upon loading main menu
  • Updated Dmg+ to Base Attack+
  • Fixed prestiging hardcore characters with adventures uploading to classic instead of hardcore rankings
  • Fixed an issue specifically when transitioning to main menu with cloud save indicator on
  • Fixed Brute boulder animating towards player when it is attacking the Soul Summon Zombie
  • Fixed Adventure Quests failing quests after using quick save
  • There are more fixes, but accidentally deleted some that ended up fixing >.<

v1.3.10 Log:

  • Updated Unity Analytics to send out account names with reports if one has been created
  • Fixed login errors when logging in with a widow account that was previously sync with an account, but was removed
  • Fixed blacksmith upgrade slots not properly setting gold slots to correct order