Cross Sync Update v1.3.7

Greetings! The update to allow you to play OneBit Adventure with 1 account on multiple devices is here along with 7 new weapons to play with! We are excited to see what new playstyles form with the additions of a new weapon type known as Throwables which help server as a nice secondary ranged weapon for ALL class types! A new music has entered the Castle and we welcome home to DE-German translation provided by @Tribrid on Discord!

7 New Weapons

These 7 weapons all have very unique stats with potential for more dynamic playstyles and combinations with skills in the game! Shuriken and Tomahawks are throwable weapons that help get that extra range for melee characters, but are limited on amount. You can visit the blacksmith to craft more like you would upgrading except it does not take an upgrade slot to increase the amount stat. For more details on the requirements for these weapons to drop, I will be updating it on the OneBit Adventure wiki fandom website soon.

3 New Skins

Shout out to ShinyDragon96, the winner of our latest sprite design contest, for the amazing Wizard skin! Definitely has some amazing talent and look forward to using another sprite from ShinyDragon96!

Cross Sync is HERE! Next Goal: Steam

I am thrilled to say Cross Sync is finally in OneBit Adventure!!! This feature allows multiple devices to merge into 1 account. This allows us to go cross-platform as well which was the major blockade in bringing OneBit Adventure to Steam. I will be setting up the Steam page and having a wishlist promotion to encourage everyone to prepare for Steam launch! Cross Sync has also helped me solve issues with retrieving save file so you will no longer lose your username when transferring to another device.

Moving Forward from Here

I am aware with the addition of a lot of new features, the Tips in-game has been lagging behind quite a bit as well as quite a few annoying bugs. For the next coming weeks, I will be working on mostly bug fixes and minor suggestions, but also work on evolving Tips into a more comfortable catalog of Tips with the addition of a Bestiary to fill the lore of OneBit even more. The catalog will include all important details with tabs to each specific category instead of tapping an arrow x number of times to find the tip. This will likely take a month to complete, but will not hinder on bug fixing updates. There’s still more equipments in the bucket list and more new things to be excited for this year!

v1.3.4-7 Log:

  • Added new Castle dungeon music
  • Added sound fx to moving boulder
  • Added new Necromancer skin
  • Added new Archer skin
  • Added new Wizard skin made by ShinyDragon96
  • Added 7 new weapons all with new unique stat modifiers and a new weapon type known as throwables
  • Added DE-German (Deutsch) translation
  • Added new Adventure Quest for collecting skulls
  • Added cloud save indicator to accounts with Cross Sync. This can be disabled in main menu settings
  • Increased diamond cost for revives based on distance traveled. At 10,000 steps, the base cost for revive is 50 diamonds.
  • Increased free ad rerolls 3 -> 5
  • Increased drop rate of Wood from 7% -> 10%
  • Increased drop rate of Unknown Dust from 10% -> 15%
  • Updated not enough diamonds display on Blacksmith screen. It will promptly show how many diamonds you need if you don’t have enough to reroll, upgrade, or to increase upgrade limit. This feature is only for Classic since you can’t purchase diamonds in Hardcore mode.
  • Updated Axe to deal sweeping damage. This means that damage dealt will also apply to both adjacent tiles in the direction of the player’s attack.
  • Updated campfire to spawn after a dungeon if campfire spawn has triggered during a dungeon
  • Updated Adventure Quest deadline from 12 hours -> 24 hours
  • Updated Mana users to have Mana Preserve as a default skill to toggle
  • Updated Mana Preserve to be Mana Efficiency. This new skill will increase mana restored from mana items like Orange, HiMana, Mana, Pear, etc, up to 30%
  • Updated Ores in rare chest to increase amount of 1-5 based off current loot rarity reached
  • Updated Christopher the III to spawn after level 20 and 500 steps
  • Updated saved adventures to keep track of last merchant found
  • Fixed Cat NPC not spawning. He will now spawn after 1,000 steps and if the player is level 20
  • Fixed Votrix NPC second encounter not triggering
  • Fixed Mana being used on non-mana weapons
  • Fixed Mob Farm skill not properly increasing mob drop percentage. As a result of fixing, we want to reduce Mob Farm percentage from +2.5% -> +1% as a new weapon will help this stat increase as well.
  • Fixed Armor not rounding numbers when viewing in Blacksmith upgrade
  • Fixed Soul Summon increasing hp and dmg based on steps. Soul Summon hp = base stats of zombie spawn + max mana. Soul Summon dmg = base stats of zombie spawn + mp dmg + soul damage bonus %
  • Fixed Dreamer order of layer so it no longer appears under sprites
  • Fixed Parry being able to parry twice when triggered with a skilled attack
  • Fixed campfire not spawning when a dungeon entrance spawns the same time as a campfire spawn triggers