v1.3.3 Hotfix

A couple of fixes for the latest update. Still have a couple more fixes that needs to be done before moving onto the next update, but definitely expect some suggestions in the next update!

v1.3.3 Hotfix:

  • Updated deadline for Adventure Quests from 8 hours to 12 hours
  • Updated hardcore mode’s Adventure Quests to have no deadlines
  • Updated next quest timers for regular quests from 15 min -> 30 mins
  • Updated next quest timers for death notice from 30 min -> 60 mins
  • Updated pricing for skipping quest timers (They were cheaper than intended and not matching the ratio of refilling quests between coins and diamonds)
  • Fixed UI visuals for transcended Tentacle
  • Fixed player being out of bounds when no location empty location is found when being knockbacked
  • Fixed enemies walking over items
  • Fixed traps not triggering when landing on it while moving a boulder
  • Fixed camera downward panning on Chaotic Death Notice bosses
  • Fixed Iridium amount not updating when leveling up wisdom
  • Fixed Zombie not being able to move after a certain distance from the player
  • Fixed Adaptive Eye not saving chosen dungeon upon saving adventure/quick save
  • Fixed Leech softlocking skill when dying with Leech active
  • Fixed Gargoyle spawning on top of player when triggering a trap on Gargoyle spawnpoint
  • Fixed a way to gain access to Adventure Quests before level 10
  • Fixed loot gold drop drastically getting easier to get at higher loot rarity due to calculating percentage of gold by max stat instead of range between possible stats.
  • Fixed certain objectives in Adventure Quests not matching description
  • Fixed Beyond the Grave summon able to give Death status when Death Notice is active
  • Fixed Adventure Quests resetting before time expires for certain characters
  • Fixed items blocking boulders path causing softlocks in certain situations