Adventure Quests and Ascension Update – v1.3 Release Notes

It’s been a long and enduring process, but it’s finally time to bring OneBit Adventure to the next level! I’ve took off for quite some time and while that time was spent playing a variety of roguelike games, it got me thinking more about what I want OneBit Adventure to become. While currently there is a lot to expand in OneBit, it does lack a sense of purpose or goal. What keeps you wanting to go upward? What is the end goal? With this update, you will be able to satisfy those cravings of lore, purpose, and progression with 14 new NPCs appearing throughout OneBit alongside new progression system featuring ascended skills for even more long-term goals! This post is going to take a bit of reading so be sure to grab some coffee or tea if you will. This update is out on Google Play, but not on the App Store yet!

Story Through NPCs

You play as an adventurer traveling in a world that many are unsure of, but with the help of Shintaro, you slowly begin to discover the true purpose of OneBit. Story is past on throughout different NPCs with some providing rewards for your actions and others completely altering that NPCs future path. Certain NPCs spawn based on steps while others spawn based on levels and dungeons. The more you talk, the more you discover the lore of OneBit and with it, the cautious decisions. This is the first stage of story and with the help of a solid framework, more story segments will be added through the course of the year. Story is saved to each character allowing you to try out different decisions to see what the future holds and does not require you to create a new character to begin! Below is a list of NPCs. We will go into detail about each character in a later post, but for now, all of these below can be spoken to!

Adventure Quests

To provide the ultimate experience for old and new players, I’ve added in more intriguing types of quests that will have you collecting, hunting, and surviving to complete certain tasks. The world of OneBit seeks Wisdom and by completing adventure quests, you are rewarded with Wisdom Xp which is a brand new progression system that allows you to gain Iridium for each level up and is used for Ascension skills. The quests you take is for you to decide, but all quests have a deadline you must meet to reap the rewards. There are currently 25 Adventure Quests; however, 15 are given to you to complete in every 3 days. After that, the quests are refilled in a random order to allow you to keep gaining rewards. There are a handful of special type of quests called Death Notice which provides more challenges such as spawning bosses on enemy spawn points, enemies dropping traps, enemies inflicting death, etc, in exchange for more Wisdom Xp. Iridium is its own currency meaning and can only be acquired through Story and 1 per Wisdom Level which caps at level 10,000. The framework for this feature is solid allowing for easy implementations of more Adventure Quests in future updates. Iridium will also have another purpose for a much more requested feature, but one step at a time.


You can now truly ascend your character to the next level with skills that does not reset with prestige. Ascension skills works hand-in-hand with Adventure Quests. Once you reach level 10, you can spend Iridium to level up Ascended skills such as increasing your max level above 100, attracting coins to you, increasing inventory space (which is now restricted to 100 and can only be increased with ascension at this time), and more convenience in different areas. Currently, 8 ascension skills exist in this update, but will expand in the future. Most skills have 5 upgrades, but the more you upgrade, the more Iridium it will cost to upgrade.

New Castle Dungeon

Every dungeon has its purpose and the Castle dungeon ties heavily into Wisdom progression. The Castle is filled with untold stories; however, those stories are guarded by rogue Brutes and Banshees which will make this dungeon much harder to explore. It only appears after reaching level 30 and also has a new Fire Dragon boss at the very end of the dungeon. Throughout the castle, you will find bookshelves that can be broken down to give you Wisdom Xp based on loot rarity which depends on distance traveled. Mechanical levers can be found as well which helps open hidden paths to more loot. Boulders heed your path throughout this dungeon as you push those blocking your path to move upward.

2 New Enemies and 1 New Boss

The Brute and Banshees are 2 additions from the community discord with Banshee winning #1 spot on the recent Enemy/NPC Sprite Contest! Both enemies are only found in the Castle and have traits that resemble their names. Brutes are strong and can life nearby boulders to toss to the player. They are particularly aggressive, but when you are near, they will not hesitate. Banshees are a fire spirit that wants to be left alone. Her flame is a warning to those who comes near as she sits idle protecting any nearby books. If a book is taken, she will become enraged and shoot fireballs with 50% chance to burn at the player. Her awakening will also alert nearby Banshees so try to avoid her if you don’t want to die too quickly. The new Fire Dragon boss is one that has been teased a long time ago and will only spawn at the end of the Castle. This boss is a hybrid between Gargoyle and Banshee. He shoots aoe fireballs and can inflict burn.

7 New Items

With this update, I’ve decided to add miscellaneous mob drops that will give rewards in Adventure Quests, but are useless outside of it. Enemies like Skeletons, Mimic Chests, Evil Trees, Scary Trees, and Rats now have a chance to drop an the corresponding items. This idea will expand more as I add more adventure quests to make the world feel more fulfilling. Another new and useful item is the Adaptive Eye which allows you to alter the upcoming dungeon to be whatever you want it to be. This item is a Beholder exclusive drop, but also can be rewarded in one of the Adventure Quests. Iridium is a new currency that can be earned through Wisdom Level ups and NPCs depending on your decisions. Wisdom Xp can be earned by breaking down Bookshelves and picking them up in the Castle dungeon. The amount of Xp given ranges from 1-10 with an increase of 5 Xp every loot rarity reached. Wisdom Xp can also be earned through Adventure Quests.

2 New Skins

These 2 amazing skins were submitted as part of the recent Enemy/NPC Sprite Contest! Big thanks to MelancholyG for the Thief skin and Lord Sanguche for the Blood Knight skin!

6 New Banners

Update on Xp for Enemies

Each enemy now has xp of their own accord. Depending on the enemy type, some enemies will reap more xp than others with bosses giving the most and slimes giving the worse. There isn’t much to say, but at least there is more meaning in effort instead of all enemies giving the same xp amount.

Inventory is Now Limited

While it was very fun to have infinite storage, the time for more restrictions is needed to help lessen issues when editing cloud save files on my end. Inventory space starts off at 100 with it only counting unique items and can only be increased by the Ascension skill, More Capacity (+25 unique items per upgrade). With this feature added, I’ve also added ways to trash your items from inventory and equipment screen since sometimes, you may not find a merchant nearby to sell but need to look at the new loot.

New Equipments Delayed

A lot of things were in the works for this update. Unfortunately, more equipment didn’t make it to this update. I do plan to add more with unique stats and will save it for the next big update. Sorry 🙁

Full Release Notes

v1.3 Release Notes: These notes are a combination of new things added as well in Open Beta.

  • Added Castle dungeon with new mechanics such as Lever, moveable Boulders, Bookshelves with books (280 – 500 steps maximum)
  • Added Brute enemy
  • Added Banshee enemy
  • Added Fire Dragon boss
  • Added status icon for Panic
  • Added trash item feature to inventory and equip screen to allow you to reduce inventory space given the new inventory limits
  • Added 14 NPCs with unique dialogue and long term interactions
  • Added toggle setting for hiding Expedition UI pop-up
  • Added Cheese item which restores 200 mana. Rats have a 20% chance to drop cheese if it has not picked up an item. The merchant also has a chance to sell Cheese for 100 Coins.
  • Added new Iridium currency acquired from Adventure Quests
  • Added Wisdom Leveling system that gives Iridium when leveling up
  • Added Bookshelves which has a chance to drop Wisdom Book
  • Added Wisdom Book which gives Wisdom Xp when picked up. It has a 50% chance to drop from Bookshelves, but can also be acquired through Adventure Quests. Wisdom Xp ranges from 1-10 with an addition +5 xp based off loot rarity level reached. Basic is 1-10, Common 6-15, Uncommon 11-20, etc.
  • Added 3 Misc. enemy drop items such as Wood, Skull, and Unknown Dust which are useless alone, but are randomly requested to gather for rewards through Adventure Quests
  • Added 8 new Ascend Skills that do not reset with Prestige and can only be earned/upgraded by using Iridium
  • Added Adaptive Eye item which is a Beholder drop exclusive which allows you to choose the next dungeon to spawn rather than it being randomly chosen. This does not force the dungeon to spawn right away.
  • Added 6 new Banners (including 2 animated banners)
  • Added 1 new Thief skin
  • Added 1 new Blood Knight skin
  • Updated Xp formula for enemies to be completely unique. Example: Slime gives less xp compared to Ghouls who give high amounts of xp
  • Updated inventory slots to have a limit of 100 while allowing to increase by 25 slots with every Iridium
  • Updated Sapius actions UI to show the word profession when standing next to him
  • Updated player sprites and non-boss enemy sprites to flip sprite based off attack/move direction
  • Updated Top UI to display equipped Banner and moved Profile button to sidebar
  • Updated Merchant spawn to range between 250 – 1000 steps from last merchant spawn
  • Updated Boss bar to show up to 3 boss health bar with the top being the closest
  • Updated The Void to only destroy objects in the center 9 tiles which includes walls, chests, doors, etc. Outside from that, certain items can still get sucked into the void like coins and enemies that die from void
  • Removed the Void to ability to destroy obstacle tiles including walls, fences, trees (excluding enemy trees), and locked doors. Sorry fellas.
  • Fixed Hp Efficiency not giving the health bonus to items
  • Fixed changing banner scroll cutting off last banner so it’s hard to equip/buy
  • Fixed Daily Login not saving upon claiming rewards
  • Fixed overworld boss blockade not disappearing when killed by the Void skill
  • Fixed certain dash abilities that allowed the player to go through locked bars
  • Fixed Mana Shield effect not remaining after campfire

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