Soul Purpose Update Teaser

Hello there! It’s been a month since the last update so I felt the need to do a new post about what is currently in the works. While 2nd professions are the main focus for the upcoming months, I’ve also decided to work on a new feature that will bring more purpose and drive to wanting to climb to higher heights. The current story is very broad and rough, but with this update, you will now have a purpose for your travels.

New Global Boss – Eternal Wraith

I won’t spoil too much, but the Eternal Wraith is a global boss that has the ability to spawn in any dungeon separately from normal bosses. The soul purpose will be revealed as you progress through the game. With him being a core part of OneBit, he will also have a unique item drop known as Dark Matter which will be explained much more in the release notes when it comes out. This update is still in the works and will likely go into Open Beta in a week.

Blood Knight’s Vampiric Profession

Blood Knight’s 2nd profession will be a vampiric one with more ways to utilize bleed such as blood barrier, amplified bleed, sacrificing hp for more damage, and more! One new skill does provide mobility similar to Sword Slash and more crazy combinations that work tremendously together. Look forward to some fun times with this profession when it releases! You may have noticed a nice red outline which symbolizes the blood barrier and switches color based on the red color on each theme!

Slower Updates

Most of my time has been quite busy with lots of time away from the computer due to IRL stuff. Just know that things are in the works and will take longer than normal to push out new updates until I can get a new routine going. A new community dungeon is in the works as well so to be a part of that, join the OneBit Discord and click onto the Community-Sprites forums to help create all the things needed for that dungeon! I look forward to working more on OneBit as this project truly is evolving into something greater!