Soul Purpose Update Release Notes v1.3.75-82

Greetings and get ready for the next big update coming to OneBit Adventure! While we continue the road to 2nd professions for each main character, I have decided to spice up your travels with a new timed-based boss known as the Eternal Wraith. At first, this is a mystery that reveals itself to be a bigger purpose and reason for why you must strive to travel endlessly. New Blood Knight Butcher profession is here along with 5 new skins, 1 new NPC, more story, a new temporary power buff, and more!

Eternal Wraith Boss

At first sight, he is known as “???” as you are uncertain of who this creature is. While most bosses are one-time boss fights, I wanted to spice things up by making a timed-based boss that can be fought over different sessions. His symbols represents the amount of time left before his departure and if you are able to kill it, you are rewarded with Dark Matter, a new item that gives you the power of dark energy.

New Dark Matter Consumable Item

The main source of power for the Wraith’s existence in OneBit is Dark Matter. While it symbolizes dark energy, it isn’t necessarily an evil item. It presents itself as an item with great power that can give a temporary power up to hp, dmg, mp dmg, and physical evasion. It can also be used to resurrect classic characters, making this a free-to-play choice for reviving over Diamonds. Dark Matter lasts for 100 steps, but can be stacked with multiple consumes. The Wraith always comes back in which you will come across him over and over again in the overworld after defeating him allowing you to harvest his dark energy for your own needs. Amplify your Dark Matter with 4 new ascension skills that are found under the Adventure Quest board for the ultimate buff!

New Blood Knight Profession – Butcher

The Butcher profession is the 2nd profession for Blood Knight bringing in some very high damage and high bleed potential with power boosts to bleed weapons. The Sonic Slash is another amazing skill that combines Sword Slash with Slice and Dice making efficient damage output against bosses as your slash attack affects a 3×3 area twice. Blood Barrier provides a nice barrier for when you gain lifesteal health, but also Bleed damage gives lifesteal health now! Overall, a very damage focused profession as a Blood Knight should be!

Sonic Slash preview. Credits to Old_Maker for the amazing animation!

6 New Skins (Bottom 3 Warrior Skins limited to November)

Adjustable Top UI

A much needed adjustment was the Top UI’s currency gets blocked by the front camera on new iPhones and various android devices. While previously I was adjusting this based off device type, I’ve now made it so you can adjust it by dragging the horizontal bar which extends to the left and right side of the screen and it will stay that way.

And More!

There are more features that were added/updated that has a big impact on the game. Theme mixer now has an exclude list for selecting themes that the randomizer should/shouldn’t use. Deleting a OneBit account is now possible without customer support, but know that there are 3 confirmation screens before the account goes through the process to prevent accidents. Votrix story got reworked to be more interesting and now features a new skin for completing her quest although currently, there is no indicator when it happens. Tons of fixes and changes so be sure to check the bottom for all the details in the log!

v1.3.75-82 Update Log:

  • Added new Blood Knight Butcher profession along with 5 new skills
  • Added Eternal Wraith boss who is a long term, timed-based boss that can be defeated over different sessions while retaining health percentage
  • Added Dark Matter which is an alternate revive, but also can be used to gain a power buff. Drops only from killing Wraiths
  • Added Delete Account to main menu settings. This will erase local save files and all server data
  • Added 6 new skins (3 limited time Warrior skins for November, 1 animated Necro, 1 Pyro, 1 animated Wizard earned through story)
  • Added 1 new NPC named Silver Da Kat
  • Added soundfx to new and old skills
  • Added new boss fight music exclusively for Eternal Wraith
  • Added Theme Mixer Random Exclude to allow you to pick and choose which themes are selected when random is enabled
  • Added Defeat Eternal Wraith achievement
  • Added Eternal Wraith Avatar challenge
  • Updated Votrix story to be more interesting about a missing child
  • Updated Mallet knockback to have redundancy making 100% knockback degrade if the same enemy gets knocked back within 5 turns
  • Updated Stun redundancy reset timer from 5 -> 15 turns
  • Updated cross sync to display and give choices when there is a save file conflict between local and cloud
  • Updated Theme Mixer to have an exclude list when main menu or gameplay has random themes enabled
  • Updated lifesteal to also work when an enemy takes bleed damage
  • Updated Axe drop rarity range from Uncommon-Mythical to Common-Legendary
  • Updated dungeon spawning between each other to never be more than 4,000 steps
  • Increased Bleed Chance scaling for Battle Axe and Axe by rough 2
  • Increased Axe Bleed damage scaling min and max by 50%
  • Increased Battle Axe Bleed damage scaling min and max by ~33%
  • Fixed theme updating to old Theme Mixer selection when switching themes with Multi-theme enabled
  • Fixed free revive and diamond revive cost resetting after saving adventure
  • Fixed Daily Login not registering as cloud save when claiming and leaving the game
  • Fixed off screen landing position glitch for skills such as Slice and Dice, Sword Slash, etc.
  • Fixed Event Packs not being able to be purchased at the exact price displayed
  • Fixed Cobra squeeze grabbing nearby enemies
  • Fixed minion spawning not properly checking more positions near player before spawning
  • Fixed Poison Reduction not displaying ascension buff
  • Fixed total attack damage multipliers not applying the correct values
  • Fixed “0” having a pixel not positioned correctly
  • Fixed respec profession showing up as paying even though it is free in open beta
  • Fixed inventory not saving when completing/claiming adventure quests
  • Fixed rewarded ads not visually showing the +1 VIP Xp
  • Fixed layering of grass/gravel appearing above the Void
  • Fixed Ascension skill poison reduction which was reducing damage more than intended
  • [Mobile] Added animation for when armor increases with Sacred Way skill
  • [Mobile] Fixed theme mixer during gameplay enabling hidden text UI
  • [Mobile] Fixed skill limit reached text showing when you don’t have enough Coins/Diamonds when buying skills

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