Depths of the Sea – Open Beta v1.3.90

The next biggest update is now live for Open Beta testers both Google Play and iOS TestFlight! A new dungeon with a unique entrance, 2 new bosses, 8 new enemies, 5 new items, treasure hunting and more! This is the first community made dungeon and I have to give a big shout out to those on the official OneBit discord for making this dungeon possible! This is a update log as more things are being added during testing so expect a bit more information when the full release notes come!

Set Sail to the Depths of the Sea!

Each dungeon has its purpose and uniqueness that makes an impact on your adventures. The Depths of the Sea is an underwater world full of hidden treasure that can be revealed with treasure maps, but presents a new challenge of maintaining your oxygen levels. Bubble Boxes provide additional oxygen as well as the new Mushrooms, but enemies in this area will pose great threats into finding those buried treasure. Conduits are connected to oxygen sapping statues so there’s a bit of rush when it comes to deciding where to fight. The Pearls found in the dungeon are also valuable so keep them close to you as you may find them very useful once the full release is out!

2 New Bosses

These bosses will provide a much needed fun to end the Depths of the Sea dungeon! More details on their move sets in the full release notes. Leviathan boss on top and Nemesis boss on bottom.

8 New Enemies

Treasure Hunting

Can’t have a sea without treasure hunting! Once you’ve found a treasure map, you can then find hidden treasure while in the Depths of the Sea. Quick slot them and use your map to detect nearby treasure and know that sometimes, you may have to venture further to find better loot!

Final Thoughts

While we are currently in Open Beta, more things are still in the works for this update so expect some more details on that in the near future. This update definitely brings more life to late game and could not have been possible without the OneBit Discord community. For those that were able to get their sprites in this dungeon, I will be dedicating credits specifically for its creation. I still have 1 more major feature to add before releasing this update, but I want to thank everyone, new and old, for supporting the game as it would not have been possible without your help. While I am wrapping OneBit up in order to work on Dungeon of Greed, know that hotfixes will still be implemented throughout the future and a hopeful return in the years to come. I do strongly believe OneBit has longevity in the worlds it can explore and the spaghetti code within has been manageable, but not completely terrible. My goals with Dungeon of Greed is to future proof lots of code to prevent spaghetti and in challenging my experience to create a turn-based roguelike multiplayer game.

Update Log v1.3.90:

  • Added 2 new bosses to Depths of the Sea dungeon
  • Added 8 new enemies
  • Added background Frogs to Ryleh’s dungeon. Hops around and does not interact with other entities
  • Added Shieldfish enemy. Damage taken from left or right are reduced by half
  • Added Anglerfish Traps to Ryleh’s dungeon which deals damage based off 20% max health
  • Added Water Barrels that contain treasure maps, or Dancing Juice. Found in Ryleh’s Dungeon
  • Added Underwater effect when in the Depths of the Sea
  • Added Oxygen status which is used in the Depths of the Sea. After you run out of oxygen, player takes 5% of max health as damage
  • Added 5 new items
  • Added Clam which has a 90% chance to drop a Pearl
  • Added Sapping Statues which overtime drains oxygen of the player when nearby. This only works when Conduits near the statue are still active
  • Added Depths of Sea Music created by duodeus from Discord
  • Added Golden Chests (only found with treasure maps) which can only be obtained with Treasure Maps. Chance to gain 12/25 Diamonds, 1-3 Gold Equipment with Max Stats, 500/1000 Coins, 1-2 Smoothies, 100/200 Wisdom Xp, 1x Dark Matter, 1/3 Pearls, 1-2 Electro-nana
  • Updated Spacebar to resume adventure when visiting campfire and to quickly craft when using Stewpot
  • Updated A, D, Left & Right Arrow keys to navigate Stewpot recipes
  • Fixed enemies attacking immediately when spawning near the player
  • Fixed date not being checked in order to reset daily quests while on an adventure
  • Fixed attack effect flicker when taking an action while an attack spot animation is playing
  • Fixed Friendship not allowing enemies to target Beyond the Grave Zombie as it is only supposed to affect the player and not his minion