Depths of the Sea – Release Notes v1.3.94

We have officially arrived to the destination of the sea! This new update includes many new things and with the help of the community, a new dungeon! New bosses to fight, introduction of pets, new items, new enemies, new craftable potions, and more challenges to face! This update is packed with content and is geared towards more end game rewards that makes your adventures more fun and engaging.

New Community Water Dungeon

Hand crafted by the OneBit discord community comes a dungeon like never before. Set sail to the depths of the sea in search of treasure and come face to face with many other mythical creatures that seek to defend the lands. While down there, you will have to maintain your oxygen as each step reduces it and if not careful, can lead to your death! Mushrooms and Bubble Boxes provide additional oxygen, but many enemies will try to keep you there longer than you have to! Learn the abilities of each foe and know when to pick your fights!

Leviathan and Nemesis Boss

Exclusive to the depths are 2 new bosses that will make your adventure a bit rough. Leviathan summons a huge AOE that forces you to knock back to the right side of the screen and the Nemesis focuses on draining your oxygen with traps. The environment plays a tough role as you will lose damage overtime when standing near the red damage relics. Break them and make your boss battle a lot easier, but at what cost?

8 New Enemies

A new range of enemies has been added to the new dungeon. Each with their own special traits and abilities. Swordfish and Shieldfish are among the two that can be very deadly when fighting side-by-side as oppose to top and bottom as they deal/resist more damage on their sides! Conduits are a risk to your adventure as they provide additional support to Sapping Statues which will drain your oxygen more as you stand near them!

27 New Pets

Pets are currently cosmetic buddies who follow you throughout your adventure. Find pearls in the Depths and use them to buy pets from the Pearl Dealer on the boat! They all come in 4 different colors with some having animations which colors can be adjusted in your equipment screen!

Treasure Hunting

Can’t have a sea without treasure hunting! Once you’ve found a treasure map, you can then find hidden treasure while in the Depths of the Sea. Quick slot them and use your map to detect nearby treasure and know that sometimes, you may have to venture further to find better loot! You are guaranteed gold equipment in these chests and have a chance to find up to 25 Diamonds in a single chest along with other valuable loot!

6 New Potions

These 6 new potions can only be crafted through the Stewpot! They provide benefits for as long as the steps you have!

2 New Permanent Skins

February’s Monthly Skins

Depths of the Sea Credits

This dungeon would not be possible with the talented artists in the official discord community! Here’s the shout outs to all those whos participated and while some of the artwork were not able to make it to this version of the dungeon, their assets have been stored inside OneBit’s sprite sheet. If you did contribute and do not see your name, please let me know so I can update it.

Jub – Underwater environment, Swordfish, ShieldFish, Loch Ness, Dino Pirate, Warlock, Octopus, Sapping Statue, Nemesis boss,
JonDoe – Clamshell, treasure map
Old Maker – Water Barrels and Pirate Ship, Frog, bubbles animations
Marian – Harpoon
Lepy – Full Body Kappa, Hermit Crab Boss, Hunter Boss
MelancholyG – Zombie Pirate, Diving Helmet
Dalla – Treasure Map Suggestion
Charle – Lantern Trap
EKA – Document manager
Asdirko – Pearl Dealer

The Next Adventure

OneBit Adventure has made a lot of progress within the last 3.5 years and would not be possible without the community! New bosses, new dungeons, new enemies, story among NPCs, pets, and lots of crazy features sparked from suggestions made by many. While the long term goal revolves around OneBit, I have decided to take a step back from OneBit to focus on its sequel, Dungeon of Greed, a turn-based multiplayer game except the turns doesn’t require you to wait for others to play. A mix of real-time and turn-based using OneBit’s foundation to give an idea of what it would be like to have that experience. I am planning for end of 2024 or summer of 2025. It will be daring as I know multiplayer comes with lots of challenges and risks, but I want to take the risk of creating a fun experience like never before with the joy of OneBit’s mechanic. I have partnered with Cluly (Scott Hartill, original OneBit pixel artist) to create Dungeon of Greed from start to finish. It won’t see beta until closer to launch, but will be promoting by attending events when the time is right. If you want to stay up-to-date with Dungeon of Greed, subscribe to the Dungeon of Greed newsletter and we will send out emails when it is closer to launch along with closed beta access (limited and will also send it out to onebit discord).

OneBit Adventure will receive hotfixes, monthly skins, and updates to translations as I know there are still a bit of work to do, but no major updates/features will happen while in development of Dungeon of Greed. I want to thank all those who have stuck around for years and hope this journey is one that will become a greater reward. Use promo code “Teamwork” and receive 250 in-game Diamonds! Thank you and I look forward to making new exciting memories with Dungeon of Greed!

Release Notes v1.3.94

  • Added Depths of the Sea dungeon
  • Added 2 new bosses
  • Added 8 new enemies
  • Added 27 pets
  • Added 6 craft-able potions through stewpot
  • Added 5 new items (Pearls, Treasure map, Mushroom, Dancing Juice and Escape Rope)
  • Added 7 new themes
  • Added 8 new Bounty Hunter achievements
  • Added Anglerfish Trap which deals damage based off 20% max health. Spawns in Rylehs Dungeon
  • Added Water Barrels to Ryleh’s Dungeon
  • Added Oxygen status which is used in the Water Dungeon. After you run out of oxygen, player takes 5% max health as true damage
  • Added Depths of Sea Music created by duodeus
  • Added Treasure Maps which can help discover golden chests in the Depths of the Sea
  • Added Gold Chests which can only be obtained with Treasure Maps. Chance to gain 12/25 Diamonds, 1-3 Gold Equipment with Max Stats, 500/1000 Coins, 1-2 Smoothies, 100/200 Wisdom Xp, 1/3 Pearls, 1-2 Electro-nana
  • Updated Spacebar to resume adventure when visiting campfire and to quickly craft when using Stewpot
  • Updated A, D, Left & Right Arrow keys to navigate Stewpot recipes
  • Updated profile stats to show highest single adventure scores for classic and hardcore
  • Updated Chaotic Death Notice to only be assigned when above 10k steps
  • Fixed enemies attacking immediately when spawning near the player
  • Fixed date not being checked in order to reset daily quests while on an adventure
  • Fixed attack effect flicker when taking an action while an attack spot animation is playing
  • Fixed Friendship not allowing enemies to target Beyond the Grave Zombie as it is only supposed to affect the player and not his minion
  • Fixed missing icons for Guide Definitions
  • Fixed Blood Barrier not working when attacking after having been depleted
  • Fixed Blood Barrier UI flicker when refreshing values