Balance Changes v1.3.101

Some new buffs to Archer, but also fixes for some Necromancers. We will be doing some more balance changes to buff up other classes as well. Recurve Bow stat changes will only affect new drops. New monthly skins are out, but also with this new update, fixes some sprite flips on certain skins from last month’s skins.

  • Increased Recurve Bow’s minimum starting Crit Chance from 1% -> 10%
  • Increased Recurve Bow’s maximum starting Crit Chance from 5% -> 20%
  • Increased Ethereal Shot damage per skillpoint from 5% -> 20%
  • Increased Ethereal Shot max damage from 500% -> 1000%
  • Updated Rounded Shot to knockback and stun bosses if they hit an obstacle
  • Updated Snare Trap to no longer wrap the player
  • Reduced Crow’s Cry cooldown from 75 -> 50 steps
  • Reduced Snare Trap cooldown from 75 -> 50 steps
  • Fixed Beyond the Grave not leveling Zombie past level 100 when the player level is above that
  • Fixed Beyond the Grave receiving additional buffs intended for enemies
  • Fixed steps not properly displaying ranking steps that will be submitted after using fast travel
  • Fixed pets triggering traps
  • Fixed certain skins flipped the wrong way such as Old Timer and King Mage

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