MGC2023 & Easter Event!

Join this year’s Easter Egg Hunt to gain exclusive rewards! OneBit’s world is filled with Bunnies and Eggs allow you to claim them as you reach your reward. You can optionally purchase them outright with Diamonds if you want to equip them right away. This event ends in 13 days from this post so collect as many eggs as possible!

April’s Monthly Skins

Big thanks to Deimos in OneBit’s discord for being this month’s featured skin spotlight! If you want to take part in creating skins for OneBit, be sure to join the official OneBit Discord and post your artwork in #community-sprites!

Midwest Gaming Classic 2023!

Midwest Gaming Classic has been a tremendous event that has helped OneBit reach a lot of players in Milwaukee! This is a retro gaming event has been growing more and more every year especially for indie showcasing. We are truly blown away by the amount of love OneBit gets and surprised by the amount of players that already know about OneBit in Milwaukee. With this year’s MGC, we made sure to show a sneak peak at the new Dungeon of Greed. The old version had a lot of things that needed a second take. We can assure you, it is making some great progress and we look forward to having playable demos in future events!

Next Update

We are still looking to update balance changes with OneBit to make all character types reach the standards that Warrior and Blood Knight have been achieving. Much more visual work will also be added to give the game a little more flare when performing or receiving special attacks. Dungeon of Greed will still get more development time and I do hope to release a video about its progress on the Galactic Slice YouTube channel in the near future. Thanks for joining on this adventure and we look forward to bringing more awesome things in the future!