Daily Login + Double Xp Changes v1.3.111

Daily logins haven’t had much of a touch up in terms of rewards, but after much thought, it is time for a better change to help early game players as well as give more rewards! This update is currently running through open beta and should be expected to release potentially during this weekend. Here are the major changes.

Free Double Xp for the First 3 Weeks

Week 1 rewards

We’ve increased the amount of coins and Diamonds to help out early game players to get more coins sooner rather than later. We’ve also updated the first 3 weeks (day 7, 14, 21) to give 2 hours of Double Xp to help out those who want to get that extra progression boost without the need to spend money on Diamonds early on. As compensation, everyone who is above day 7 login will receive 2 hours of double xp automatically! All 7th day rewards have move 3 weeks back except for any rewards past Day 70. Below is a table comparison for Week 1 vs the rest of the weeks with old and new reward amounts.

Daily Login ComparisonDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Old Week 150 Coins5 Diamonds75 Coins10 Diamonds100 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins
New Week 1500 Coins10 Diamonds1000 Coins15 Diamonds2000 Coins25 Diamonds50 Diamonds + 5000 Coins
Old Week 2+75 Coins5 Diamonds100 Coins10 Diamonds150 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins
New Week 2+750 Coins10 Diamonds1500 Coins15 Diamonds3000 Coins30 Diamonds75 Diamonds + 7500 Coins

New Inventory Quick Equip

You have the ability to quickly equip weapons using inventory screen! This simplifies the early learning process as equipment screen can be a lot to learn in the first tutorial as a new player. I am aware some prefer to skip tutorial which this feature will help those quickly equip when exploring. Inventory screen now shows an “E” on equipped items as well.

Double Xp Increases Wisdom Xp!

The price of Double Xp is going to increase from 100 -> 300 Diamonds as the value of the item itself is well worth it, but also gives double Wisdom Xp! Text displayed on adventure board will still show the base reward of the quest and adds the multiplier after you claim your reward which also doubles the Ascension skill Knowledge. Upon picking up Wisdom Books, you will see a “!” at the end much like how double xp works.

Updated Game Engine

There was a time where OneBit could not update to the latest version due an unknown error that completely halted any future game engine updates. After months of waiting, that issue has now been resolved and we are now fully updated to the latest version! There are a numerous amount of native android bugs, but one of the main ones were sound being permanently disabled after tabbing out the game. This bug is now fixed with this update!

Moving Forward

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to implement any suggestions from Discord. While my focus is currently on Dungeon of Greed and its progress, I will try to make time for certain suggestions that don’t require a huge amount of time. Suggestions like seeing your pet next to you when resting at the campfire, reorganizing quick slots, and displaying dungeon name upon entering will likely be in a future update. As for Dungeon of Greed, I am planning to create a mock trailer on YouTube to showcase the game’s visuals. The project was restarted as mentioned in previous posts and the art style has been revamped to be more stylized. Once the mock trailer is live, the old DOG videos will be archived and will be preparing a Steam page to get a head start on a wishlist. I will try to provide more context videos about DOG through the YouTube channel in the months ahead. I am excited about the future of OneBit and hope to continue giving it the features it needs while introducing new features for DOG!

Update Log v1.3.111

  • Increased rewards for Daily Login
  • Updated first 3 weeks of Daily Login to include Double Xp
  • Updated Double Xp to work with Wisdom Xp, but increased the cost to 100 -> 300 Diamonds
  • Updated inventory screen to allow equipments to be equipped when selected
  • Updated inventory screen to display “E” for all equipped items
  • Updated tutorial to teach the inventory equip feature for ease of equipping
  • Fixed UI positioning for tutorial highlights
  • Fixed seasonal enemies appearing in tutorial