Update Log v1.3.114

New update is currently going through Google Play open beta only as we are testing a survey for Diamonds with Pollfish! This means you can opt-in to surveys in order to get Diamonds, but keep in mind that surveys are based on demand so it may or may not be available certain days. Privacy policy has been updated since this feature does require advertising IDs.

Update log v1.3.114:

  • [Google Play Testing] Added Pollfish survey for Diamonds to the Shop
  • Updated Prestige screen to display level requirement and disable the button when below level 100
  • Fixed Archer’s vault not working on fences with eggs
  • Fixed battery icon in settings not displaying properly when full
  • Fixed pausing double xp not saving after closing the game
  • Fixed text displaying “!” for every pickup when double xp is activated
  • Fixed attack spots not pausing when the enemy is no longer active due to distance from player
  • Fixed Dark Slash not registering the edge tiles of bosses as targetable
  • Fixed sound issues with using fenced door with pet
  • Fixed fenced door not properly closing when knocked back from a fenced door
  • Fixed game over screen being interrupted with Wraith dialogue when the player dies the same turn as the wraith’s end timer
  • [Steam] Fixed equipment list not updating when selling, or collecting equipment