Pollfish Update v1.3.114-117

We have been working to provide alternatives to get more Diamonds without the need to wait for Daily Diamonds so more changes are here to make your day be bit better. VIP 1 now removes ads from Daily Diamonds and we’ve added survey/offers for Diamonds through Pollfish! This will provide you another way to earn more Diamonds! New changes to pets to make them collect coins and items as well as more bug fixes are here! Currently rolled out for Google Play, iOS is undergoing some testing atm as well as Steam.

Pollfish Surveys/Offers

These surveys are completely optional and do involve sharing information. Privacy policy’s for Pollfish can be found here and will be added to the game’s store description. The reward is Diamonds upon completing surveys! Keep in mind, surveys look for specific sets of users so you may not qualify for certain surveys so don’t get discouraged. Offers are an option, but require a lot more information and/or time to complete. Offers do not reward immediately upon completion as it goes through a verification process. Once an offer is completed or partially depending on the offer, you will be rewarded. Either close and re-open the game or tab in/out while in the shop to get your Diamonds! These feature are only available for Android and iOS.

More Love for Pets!

Pets can now collect coins and items! They collect them as if you collected them with any bonus attached to the player. Even pets need a break too! Your pet can now be seen at the campfire as well as fixing animated skin so it can animate while visiting a campfire!

The Finer Details

Some more annoying issues have been fixed with this update. The cross sync time stamps were not saving to the server in the correct order so that fix should help prevent incorrect cloud loading with recent reports. Normal chests now have a 50% chance to spawn an equipment which should help everyone get more equipment early on without keys. Prestige now lets you know that it can’t be done until level 100. Previously, it is assumed that you can prestige at anytime since there was no indicator without pressing the prestige button. I will be closely looking at some suggestions as there are still a lot more things I want to do with the setting to give more customization to UI with skill slots adjustment being the first major one. Aside from that, I will be back to focusing more on DOG as I am near the stages of trying to get a mock trailer. This would highlight key points of the game and talk more about what I have planned for it in a separate video.

Update Log v1.3.114-117:

  • [Android & iOS] Added Pollfish Survey for Diamonds to the Shop
  • Added hide all popup text option to gameplay settings
  • Added pet to the campfire screen if one is equipped
  • Updated Prestige screen to display level requirement and disable the button when below level 100
  • Updated pets to collect coins and items nearby. Items will not be collected/targeted while inventory is full
  • Updated Shield Bash and Parry to be able to cancel after selecting the skill again
  • Updated normal chests (not locked inside a room) to have a 50% chance to spawn an equipment while level 3+
  • Fixed Archer’s vault not working on fences with eggs
  • Fixed battery icon in settings not displaying properly when full
  • Fixed pausing double xp not saving after closing the game
  • Fixed text displaying “!” for every pickup when double xp is activated
  • Fixed attack spots not pausing when the enemy is no longer active due to distance from player
  • Fixed Dark Slash not registering the edge tiles of bosses as targetable
  • Fixed sound issues with using fenced door with pet
  • Fixed fenced door not properly closing when knocked back from a fenced door
  • Fixed Hp Efficiency not working with Regen Potion
  • Fixed game over screen being interrupted with Wraith dialogue when the player dies the same turn as the wraith’s end timer
  • Fixed skin not animating on campfire screen
  • Fixed tutorial allowing more than 1 free upgrade towards helmet
  • Fixed equip from inventory not displaying correct text for what you equipped
  • Fixed game not checking time data before saving. This led to incorrect time stamps when cross syncing.
  • [iOS] Fixed request review displaying more than once
  • [Steam] Fixed equipment list not updating when selling, or collecting equipment