Open Beta Log v1.2.94-96

So after taking a much needed break and getting a new PC to help speed up compile times, it didn’t leave much time to make new additions to this update. I spent most of time trying to get cross syncing between multiple devices via Google Play Games; however, the final issue I could not solve was way too risky to release. The progress I made was great, but there are still issues I need to fix before implementing. I did mention new additional content, but cross syncing has delayed those new additions.

I am aware it took way longer than it should’ve to fix the Daily Login bug. This update will change daily login to be based off total logins vs consecutive. This means missing a day will not reset your login rewards. As a gift, use promo code “DailyFix” to get 100 in-game Diamonds!

v1.2.94-96 Update Log:

  • Added 8-bit font for Japanese, and Korean words/letters
  • Added 1 new skin to Necromancer
  • Added Bat banner for month of October
  • Updated minimized bottom UI to show Hp instead of Xp
  • Updated late game scaling of Stun Chance for Greatsword. Start Max Value (does not include scaling) of 10% -> 5%. Tier scaling from 50% -> 30%
  • Updated new player tutorial to only activate when the account loaded is a new account. Previously, it would start tutorial if the account had 0 characters regardless of it being an old account.
  • Fixed issues with End Adventure not ending with campfire when playing offline mode
  • Fixed Deep Wounds Google Play achievement
  • Fixed Slice and Dice landing position when attacking an enemy below the bottom of the screen causing instant death
  • Fixed cropped UI edges on devices with aspect rations 9:2
  • Fixed Respec Profession text cropping

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  1. Good thing I stumbled upon this game. Takes me back to the good ol’ days. New here, but this is definitely a hidden gem . Thank you for your hard work, and will be looking forward to playing more. Have a nice day!

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