Release Notes v1.2.88

This update is here to bring new rewards, and lots of fixes and changes. Most importantly, we have added a daily login system that rewards new animated avatars for free! The main balance changes are Thief gaining base MP. Tri-bow and Quick bow are receiving a damage buff to be on par with Recurve bow. We have also adjusted drop rates for new players below level 10 to give a bit of a hand on getting the right equipment early on. We have also converted crates into Pumpkins and big trees into Scarecrows for the month of October!

Very spoopy!

Daily Login Rewards

Week 150 Coins5 Diamonds75 Coins10 Diamonds100 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins + Animated Cat Avatar (includes VIP cat avatar)
Week 275 Coins5 Diamonds100 Coins10 Diamonds150 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins + Animated Wolf Avatar (includes VIP wolf avatar)
Week 375 Coins5 Diamonds100 Coins10 Diamonds150 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins + Animated Teddy Bear Avatar (includes VIP teddy bear avatar)
Week 475 Coins5 Diamonds100 Coins10 Diamonds150 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins + Ghost Avatar (includes VIP ghost avatar)
Week 575 Coins5 Diamonds100 Coins10 Diamonds150 Coins15 Diamonds25 Diamonds + 100 Coins

These are all the rewards you can claim from Daily logins. Rewards after week 5 are repeated from week 5. If you miss a day where you do not claim a daily login reward, the day counter will reset to 1. Daily login rewards are subject to changes in the future as these are the current rates as of v1.2.88.

New Animated Avatars and 2 Time-limited Avatars

All animated avatars can be claimed from Daily Login. The 2nd row of animated avatars will require a higher VIP to equip(you will still unlock it upon login if you don’t have the required VIP level). Pumpkin avatar is unlocked by logging in the month of October while Scarecrow is unlocked by logging in on October 31st.

New Skins

Big thanks to the Discord artists Loreley(limerick_Fencer) for the Pirate Archer skin and JonDoe for the Fjarrn Wizard skin!

  • Added Daily Login rewards
  • Added 8 new animated avatars
  • Added 2 October exclusive avatars
  • Added 2 new Wizard skins
  • Added 1 new Archer skin
  • Added Halloween sprites to crates and big tree for the month of October
  • Added base Mp Dmg to Thief. Unlike other mana users, he requires a mana weapon in order for his Mp Dmg to be utilized.
  • Updated Daily Quests to show diamond amount of chest unlocks
  • Updated all tall trees to have a 15% chance to spawn as an Evil Tree
  • Updated Helicopter language
  • Updated Double Xp to pause timer when player characters that are level 100
  • Updated Coin Thrower to use last amount of coins thrown
  • Updated Stealth to not wake up Ghouls
  • Updated Rare Chest drop rate for equipment when below level 10. 50% -> 75%
  • Updated step required for a chance to get a maximum of 3 equipment in a Rare Chest when below level 10. 1500 -> 750 steps
  • Updated chance for Crates and Barrels to drop a weapon when deciding equipment type to spawn 33% -> 45%
  • Increased scaling damage of Tri-bow and Quick bow by ~30-50%
  • Reduced cooldown of Fire Barrage 100 -> 75 steps
  • Fixed drop type of Thief to favor non-mana equipment. Although he uses mana, he is considered a damage wielding user so mana equipment should not be the main drop type.
  • Fixed Pear not being able to restore mana when transcended
  • Fixed Mana showing 0/0 very quickly for non mana class
  • Fixed statue status preventing death from Instand Transcend
  • Fixed green line render issue under attack spot box
  • Possible fix for the Void’s tilted sprites. Objects will now reset rotation upon respawning from object pool