Release Notes v1.2.96

We have finally fixed and reached a stable build for this next update. Thank you all those open beta testers who helped solved the issues that occurred in open beta. This update is small as the issues at hand took most of my time as well as attempting to make cross-link work, but fear not! Expecting to work on new content as of now! Here are some new things that were added to this update and future plans.

New Skin and Banner Exclusive

Display Health Bar instead of Xp when Minimized

Midwest Gaming Classic Convention

Without a doubt, I miss going to conventions and sharing OneBit Adventure with others so I am happy to announce I will be attending Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, WI on November 5th-7th. It will be the biggest event I have ever showcased with well over tens of thousands attending. Will be handing out OneBit stickers and allowing those to play my custom arcade cabinet featuring OneBit Adventure! I will also be doing a talk about the Power of Pixel Art and how its design helped me reach my dream goal of full-time indie dev. If you are near Milwaukee and are attending the event, be on the look out for the indie section as that’s where I will be showcasing!

Custom OneBit Adventure arcade cabinet showcased #MDev2020

Future Roadmap

For sure, we need more equipment, weapons, and dungeons. This has been mentioned in previous posts, but will be putting this on the top of the list. I kind of got side-tracked trying to figure out if I could get Google Play Games to cross-link between different devices. While that may have ended in a failed release, it has help me understand it more, but will for sure wait to implement that later. A lot of requests for special events and new blitz mode for fighting varies enemies and bosses without moving upward. This is in the bucket list for what to add, but I need to add a bunch of new content to justify that feature as well as bosses which the Discord community is helping with tremendously! Another big feature request has been story mode which will be in the works after all the new content comes in. I know certain requests have been about co-op features; however, OneBit is already full of single player mechanics in which it is best off to leave that to Dungeon of Greed, OneBit Adventure’s sequel. DOG is still in the air as to when development will start, but OneBit story mode will be in development soon. Big thanks to the community for all the inspiration and help along with the new translators who are joining to help with making Japanese and German translation! I look forward to developing a lot more with OneBit Adventure and hope you will join me on the quest to help make it as great as possible with all your suggestions and feedback!

v1.2.96 Update Log:

  • Added 8-bit font for Japanese, and Korean words/letters
  • Added 1 new skin to Necromancer
  • Added Bat banner for month of October
  • Updated minimized bottom UI to show Hp instead of Xp
  • Updated late game scaling of Stun Chance for Greatsword. Start Max Value (does not include scaling) of 10% -> 5%. Tier scaling from 50% -> 30%
  • Updated new player tutorial to only activate when the account loaded is a new account. Previously, it would start tutorial if the account had 0 characters regardless of it being an old account.
  • Fixed issues with End Adventure not ending with campfire when playing offline mode
  • Fixed Deep Wounds Google Play achievement
  • Fixed Slice and Dice landing position when attacking an enemy below the bottom of the screen causing instant death
  • Fixed cropped UI edges on devices with aspect rations 9:2
  • Fixed Respec Profession text cropping
  • Fixed mana text not popping up on player when using a mana item via quick slot