Hotfix v1.3.157

New hotfix rolling out to fix some major issues, but also added new skins for VIP 5! The next update is in the workings, but some issues such as Boss loot spawning in unreachable places needed fixing right away.

New VIP 5 Skins

If you are currently VIP 5, these skins will automatically unlock. Edit character or create a new one and select Change Skin to equip!

Monthly Skins

Big thanks to these artists in Discord for being featured for September’s monthly skins!

Perfect Panda – Dog Destroyer skin
Xanather – Mystify skin
JuggLord – Sauron skin

Desert Dungeon Contest Ends September 14th

Make sure to submit your submissions soon! This will likely be quite the big update and we look forward to bringing your ideas to life! Use the link below to submit your sprites.
Desert Dungeon Contest Form

Hotfix v1.3.157

  • Added move speed setting to increase/decrease the delay between actions
  • Added 7 new skins to VIP 5 rewards
  • Removed armor from Elite Skeletons (until I can properly display it having armor)
  • Fixed boss chest spawning in unreachable tiles
  • Fixed status effect remaining on Wraith when timer reaches 0 and the player inflicts a status effect
  • Fixed rerolls for Adventure Upgrades showing quick purchase amount incorrectly
  • Fixed Rankings visual overlap when claiming rewards with all-time leaderboards selected and reward screen active
  • [Landscape] Fixed hitbox on Attack/Move mode being in the way of Quick Slots
  • Preventative fix to Blood Knight Sword Slash bug

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