4 Years of OneBit Adventure – Release Notes v1.3.146

The time has come to reap the rewards of the new 4 Year Anniversary event! The update is officially rolling out to all platforms and includes some new additions not mentioned in the previous post. So be sure to read all about it here!

4 Year Anniversary Event

Level up and gain exclusive rewards through this special event by collecting confetti, cake, and popping balloons! There are balloons attached to pillars mainly in overworld and underworld. You can pop them by moving into them. There is a 50% chance for it to drop confetti which you can use to explode confetti upon killing an enemy. Cake can be found in chests as having it on the ground would be a health hazard, but the reward of eating cake comes with healing 100 hp with a 5% chance to become cake itself! We have updated the way VIP Rewards works which now is a range of VIP. Claim Rewards of [Level 1 – 5 with VIP 1], [Level 6 – 13 VIP 2], [Level 14 – 15 VIP 3]. This provides more flexibility as multiple VIP tiers can reap extra rewards.

Attack/Move Modes

Move mode allows you to move without sweeping or using ranged attacks. Previously, this would be impossible to avoid without unequipping the weapon

You can now prioritize move over attacking enemies with sweeping and range! A common issue with boss fights while using a sweeping or ranged weapons is the ability to move becomes a hassle as certain situations forces attacks when you need to dodge an AOE. Now you can trigger the bottom left button to move mode which allows you to move without attacking allowing you to avoid AOE attacks.

Referral Codes for More Diamonds!

You can now send referral codes that will reward you for bringing new players to OneBit Adventure! Copy and send your referral code to friends which can be found in the promo code screen. Once they create an account login, have them paste the code in the promo screen and both will be rewarded (50 Diamonds for you and 50 Diamonds for your friend you invited). Claim up to 200 Diamonds by referring new players to OneBit! Referral codes only work on new accounts with less than 4 hours of playtime.

Speedrunners Unite!

Thanks to @IKIA on Discord for setting up the official Speedrun page for OneBit Adventure. It’s clear that OneBit can have a way to speedrun where you race to 1k steps in different category, but now you can track your time more officially. If you use promo code “speedrun”, this will toggle on/off the speedrun timer which starts as soon as you move up and ends as soon as you hit 1000 steps. Using the promo code again will remove it as well as quitting the game.

Ad Removal

This update removes ads due to deprecated plugins and forced updates, but you will still be able to claim Daily Diamonds as well as VIP Xp for free! We only ask that you help spread the word and in doing so, we have added Referral Codes to help reward you for sharing!

Next Big Update

The next big update is going to be focused on a lot of new and unique equipment. I won’t say exactly how much, but you can expect new elements that will spice things up and create new build types. 2nd Tier professions are in line with future updates as I do want to try to get every class done in a timely manner. Month of September will be fairly quite in terms of updates as I have something new to talk about, but can’t discuss yet. When the time comes, you will be notified.

Release Notes v1.3.146

  • Added New Special Event for 4 Year Anniversary and optimized for future events
  • Added Referral codes to promo screen allowing you to get rewards for inviting friends
  • Added Attack/Move Mode toggle. When in Move Mode, you prioritize move over attacking ranged enemies
  • Added bubble effect to Kappas when they are underwater to give a hint of where it is currently at
  • Updated certain item sprites such as Apple, Pear, Steak, Skull item
  • Updated Ghoul and Elite Ghoul texture to be more visible when on the ground
  • Removed ads, but kept Daily Diamonds and VIP Xp for free
  • Fixed in-app transactions popping up as an error caused by ads
  • Fixed store not showing localized prices caused by ads
  • Fixed Fire Aura causing lag when searching for targets to deal damage toFixed Golden Tea not unlocking after finding gold equipment in a chest
  • Fixed music not staying muted when entering/exiting any dungeon
  • Fixed certain stats not loading properly when below level 50 which affected Blood Barrier not loading correct stat
  • Fixed Daily Diamonds Reset timer not appearing during gameplay scene
  • [Steam] Updated Music and Sound save individually when switching between PC and mobile. Note: When loading on PC, the settings will revert to default once.

6 thoughts on “4 Years of OneBit Adventure – Release Notes v1.3.146”

  1. What ab the people who paid for bio to remove ads is there a refund or do we get another special feature,because I paid real money for that and now it’s free atleast give us compensation. Other than that it’s a great update definitely needed and hopefully eventually pets have specific features

    1. You do get extra benefits besides removing ads such as free rerolls, free main menu revives, more Avatars challenges, more quick saves, the most rewards from special events, and more. You can view all benefits in your profile > VIP perks. If you would like a refund, I can certainly do so. Email me the receipt at jonathanconcepcion12@gmail.com or use the contact form on this website.

    2. Lolz you paid to get vip benefits early. What else do you want? It’s not the dev’s fault if you don’t bother to read in-game texts

  2. I just started playing the game a couple days ago and I must say, I love it! Awesome update

  3. It’s really a time to celebrate. Not just the birth of an excellent game, but the life of an evolving one. You can see how far it went by checking older release notes.

    This balloon popping update is marvellous. Not just for the rewards but above all it ensures a different kind of gameplay, where the monsters’ moves and your character’s steps are affected by it. Diff kind of tactics needed to make use of this popping barriers of celebration.

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