4 Years of OneBit Adventure Update – Coming Soon

It has been 4 years since OneBit Adventure has released and a lot has changed for the better! Thank you for the support in bringing new ideas to OneBit. To celebrate this moment, we are working on bringing back special events in a new way that works more server side to allow you to gain rewards by completing unique goals across multiple versions of OneBit! We also updated various sprites so you may notice certain items have gotten a touch up. This new update is going to rollout to Open Beta players around August 10th and should release after a few days of testing.

4 Year Anniversary Event

Level up and gain exclusive rewards through this special event by collecting confetti, cake, and popping balloons! There are balloons attached to pillars mainly in overworld and underworld. You can pop them by moving into them. There is a 50% chance for it to drop confetti which you can use to explode confetti upon killing an enemy. Cake can be found in chests as having it on the ground would be a health hazard, but the reward of eating cake comes with healing 100 hp with a 5% chance to become cake itself! VIP 2 players will be able to claim from both free and premium tiers as you level up. We have updated the way VIP Rewards works which now is a range of VIP. Claim Rewards of [Level 1 – 5 with VIP 1], [Level 6 – 13 VIP 2], [Level 14 – 15 VIP 3].

Optimized Special Events

Special events are now optimized in the most efficient way possible to allow players to get new rewards and participate in events even in older versions as rewards will be preloaded. This is groundbreaking for future events and has been made to be more stabilized than previous attempts.

Monthly Skins for August

Big thanks to @charle for creating the Warrior skin and @Deimos for creating the Blood Knight and Thief skins! Both did an amazing job creating and sharing them on Discord!

Removing Ads Again…

It’s without a doubt frustrating to see how plugin updates can create problems with other plugins. The Unity ads plugin that is currently used no longer has long-term support and now has a bug that affects in-app purchases. After testing with another user to ensure that it was indeed ads causing the issue, I have decided to remove ads once again from OneBit. For this update moving forward, ad placements are removed from free rerolls which now requires VIP 2; however, VIP 0/1 players will now get 25 Daily Diamonds and 5 VIP Xp for free. I didn’t want to lock that behind a paywall as I want to give all players a way to earn VIP Xp without the need to play Hardcore if they don’t prefer to compete for that.

With that said, it is important to understand that Ads requires a lot of work to integrate. I have attempted to install Unity’s new LevelPlay ads; however, it still was not cooperating. Along with watching over 2 hours of tutorials, this was more complex than it had to be. So it is time to say goodbye to ads for now.

Update Log v1.3.145

  • Added new Special Event for 4 Year Anniversary and optimized for future events
  • Updated certain item sprites such as Apple, Pear, Steak, Skull item
  • Removed ads, but kept Daily Diamonds and VIP Xp for free
  • Fixed in-app transactions popping up as an error caused by ads
  • Fixed store not showing localized prices caused by ads
  • Fixed Fire Aura causing lag when searching for targets to deal damage to
    • More fixes are still in the works as such as boss loot chest getting stuck in tiles and snare traps overlapping boss loot chest

8 thoughts on “4 Years of OneBit Adventure Update – Coming Soon”

  1. Excited as ever :D. Still remember when I started to play. Congrats on the four years!

  2. Can’t believe it has been four years. You have been doing such a great job Jonathan. I’m excited for the future of OBA, and for Dungeons of Greed. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  3. i seen this game for a looong time ago it was strange and something new, but i like it
    thak to mobimes that showd it on tiktok now its one of my favourite games. (once i tried to buy something about this game on official website but there was only T-shirt’s)
    this game is cool and i hope after years this game not become (ascing for money every 30 second trash) this game 100% on my top 3 favourite games 2 is Roblox and 1 is Minecraft

  4. My partner and I really love this game and play it a lot before we go to sleep at night, especially because it is a game you can play offline…

    Really wished the pets would fight with you though. I love the necromancer because he has the ability to summon a zombie and that keeps me from dying… but he seems to be the only one with a “companion” by his side.

    4 years… how wonderful 🙂 thank you for keeping it updated and doing your best to make it better and better.

    Helen D

  5. La verdad, muy contento de que metan contenido nuevo al juego, aunque yo no sea un jugador con mucho tiempo, me encanta que metan más contenido !!
    Exelente trabajo chicos

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