Hotfix v1.3.141

A little fixing before moving forward to the next update. If I have missed some bugs, please let me know through Discord or use contact us link.

  • Fixed Minotaur always appearing if you keep choosing the first dialog
  • Fixed being able to walk over boss chest when it spawns on a ladder in Ryleh’s dungeon
  • Fixed cost reduction for Tier 1 Professions reverting after leaving and re-entering an adventure
  • Fixed Elite Skeleton not tagged as Undead
  • Fixed Scorched Ones not being a part of Chaotic Death Notice
  • Fixed Mummy and Gargoyle spawning as a boss during Chaotic Death Notice
  • Fixed Mummy’s slow so it does not re-apply when the player is already slowed
  • Fixed Evil Tree and Scary Tree sorting layer to be below Elites
  • Fixed Burn damage increasing with Haunting and Elite Force upgrade
  • [Android] Fixed back button not working on certain screens
  • [Steam] Fixed home button not triggering when pressing Escape Key