Dangerous Elites – Release Notes v1.3.138

The time is near as we move forward to the next evolution of OneBit Adventure! The Elites are here to bring new challenges to your adventures, but also the new Adventure Upgrades help provide the buffs needed to push your steps to the next level. New boss loot chest along with tons of goodies are in store. Grab some coffee or tea or a smoothie and prepare yourself.

15 New Elite Enemies

Elites are powerful entities that roam OneBit in a way to stop you from going further. The higher your level and the further you go, the more Elites there will be. Learn their attacks to avoid taking damage while dishing damage when they are on cooldown. Killing them will provide equipment of higher grade than normal as well as more xp than your typical enemy! To avoid spoilers, I’ve put all Elite info along with move set to the bottom of this post! Check it if you dare!

New Adventure Upgrade Feature!

Upgrade your adventures to reach your maximum potential! There are 13 new upgrades with some specific to classes that allow you gain buffs for your current adventure. You can hold up to 5 upgrades and increase its tier up to 5 times. Upgrades are found by traveling upwards with a max of 500 steps apart. The upgrades can be skipped if you want to avoid rerolling and wait for the next upgrade goal. Hardcore mode has it more rough as there are no rerolls for adventure upgrades so choose wisely! Upgrades can also be found on the second page of the stats equipment screen. Below are currently all the available upgrades and requirements.

Boss Looting

Normal boss spawns will now drop a boss chest when killed. This makes it easier to get all your loot and press on upwards!

2 New Loot Rarity!

We have extended the reach of new heights by fixing lag past 100k steps and with it, more loot rarity. You should now be able to increase your power further and potentially reach greater heights while not being hindered by cpu power! (until someone reaches 2+ billion damage D:)

  • Ancient – Loot rarity available at 50,000 steps
  • Galactic – Loot rarity available at 100,000 steps

Halloween Event Pack Update

Halloween Event Pack is more gruesome than ever! The bosses above now have a variant skin when using the event pack and will be present for the month of October for everyone to fear!

Tier 1 Profession Available at Level 5

To help you dive into OneBit’s class skills faster, the first tier profession is now available at level 5! Since the second profession introduces newer synergy in builds, we have decided to keep those at level 15. One day, we will get 2nd professions for all classes! (just need to work on some new stuff first)

Shoutouts To Jub

Jub on Discord has helped with creating all the new animations, Elite enemies, ideas, and more for future updates so be sure to give thanks as this update would not be possible with Jub!

What’s Next?

While I spent a lot of time on Greed, I believe its time to bring some love back to OneBit. Major updates are coming to bring more exciting moments, new discoveries, a bunch of new equipment, and eventually 2nd tier professions! It was tough waiting for new content as progress was coming to a halt, but that wait is no more. It is time to solely focused on OneBit Adventure for the coming months and will be setting aside Greed for the time being. I will be looking for a programmer who has a passion and understanding for OneBit to help work on Greed. Working on 2 projects at once without giving all the love and attention to one or the other was not good enough. For the time being, I will work as hard as possible on OneBit to get the funds needed for a team to work on Greed so help by sharing OneBit and let us grow this community more than ever before. You, the players, have helped with feedback, introducing new players through Discord, and even building content together. Thank you and look forward to more exciting updates!

Release Notes v1.3.138

  • Added 15 new Elite enemies
  • Added new Adventure Upgrades feature with up to 13 upgrades to help spice up your adventures
  • Added 2 new loot rarity tiers. Ancient for 50,000+ steps and Galactic for 100,000+ steps. All max rarity equipment has extended to Galactic except for the following changes.
  • Added new boss skins to the Halloween Event Pack
  • Reduced max rarity for Large Rod from Mythical to Rogue
  • Kept max rarity for Defender-C and Brod-H to Mythical
  • Reduced Diamonds gained in Underwater Dungeon from 25 -> 10 for max amount. This still is more than overworld chests. Future expansions will provide more opportunities to earn more Diamonds.
  • Updated first professions to be available at Level 5 and second tier professions to be available at level 15
  • Updated Beyond the Grave to scale with 1% of Expedition buffs
  • Updated Oxygen damage when running out to decay more faster the longer you remain without oxygen. Every 10 steps increases damage by 5% of max hp per turn
  • Updated opacity of actions UI to allow you to see what is behind them
  • Updated Event Packs to be permanent packs
  • Removed Weak Death Notice from Adventure Quests
  • Removed Trap Death Notice from Adventure Quests
  • Fixed a bug with quick purchase while viewing Event Pack screen
  • Fixed double xp timer not decreasing when max level as wisdom xp is used when enabled
  • Fixed Go Home screen not hiding after opening Adventure Quests
  • Fixed Beyond the Grave not giving the correct hp and dmg stats to Zombies with skins
  • Fixed Bleed Chance still appearing as equipment upgrade after Bleed Chance reaches 100%
  • Fixed Avatar Taskbox denying scrolling event when attempting to scroll on an Avatar
  • Fixed VIP 2 Avatar not unlocking on older accounts
  • Fixed prestige text not saying max prestige level reached when you reach prestige 5

Last minute addition:

  • Added 75k and 100k fast travel steps

SPOILER: Elite Move Set, Spawning, General Stats

Most elites generally replace the spawn of their respective normal version, except for Elite Mimic Chest and Elite Flan. Elites have a base chance of 30% to spawn an equipment which can be increased with Ascension and Looting stat.

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  1. Me encanta todo lo de la actualización, habrán cosas como gamer q no me gustaron, lo normal creo “que arreglen bugs q ayuden al jugador” JAJAJ pero vengo hablar de sí es posible que, es solo una recomendación, pero me gustaría que hayan por así decirlo zonas donde no sean mazmorras, para algunos creo yo que les duele cuando uno sube una mazmorra y te reinician los mp, hp de los mobs y se vuelvan más fuertes al entrar en una, en general es algo que no me disgusta pero tampoco me gusta xD solo es recomendación, no soy quien para decirlo pero agradecería eso y muchas gracias por su trabajo OneBitAdventure! <3 me encanta su juego. y más loot para la materia oscura, de ser posible! xd

  2. Tmbn conozco de q cada q subes suben las estadísticas de los enemigos, pero en las mazmorras creo que ha de ser diferente. y de ser posible un bioma no nos sería mal, si pido mucho disculpas, enrealidad es mi juego favorito no se si se nota mucho.

    1. Ningún problema. Los enemigos en las mazmorras suelen ser más fuertes, pero la fórmula es la misma. La mazmorra de Underworld tiene un problema con la lentitud de mamá. Se solucionará en la próxima versión.

    1. Hi,i playing today and notície the mummy slowness is broken,now can stack,i debuff 10 slowness 3 times,and while you slow,you gain more slow,i think is broken, because i almost die a lot because that,thanks for attention

      1. Thanks for the feedback. It does appear to have a bit of an issue. Normally there is some reduction in it, but I’m certain Elite Spider slowness is the cause. I will update it in the next update.

  3. Lo que van a poner en la nueva actuación me encanta, les agradezco por todo su esfuerzo y trabajo que han puesto en este juego, ya que es uno des mis juegos favoritos, pero yo aconsejaría que se pudiera interactuar con otros personajes también, que tengan un tipo de historia los personajes, muchas gracias.

  4. Un gran juego gracias a los creadores debería de aver más variaciones de armas con abilidades únicas y raras

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