Hotfix v1.1.64-67

It’s that time to roll out another wonderful hotfix to add some features that could be of great use and some quality of life features. This will be the last (for real this time) public hotfix as I will start pushing Ascension updates to Open Beta this week starting with the Warrior! Very exciting things I want to talk about, but I’ll save it for another post this week.


  • Added dialog popup when purchasing skins
  • Added countdown timer for daily quests (only appears once you have completed all daily quests)
  • Updated force equipment drop to steps when no equipment is spawning (250 steps -> 100 steps)
  • Updated Nymph to heal Transcended form 0% -> 2%
  • Updated saved adventures to now save transcended form
  • Updated daily quest for Campfires Used 5 -> 2
  • Updated Gold equipment to show a “G” next to its rarity/level
  • Removed ranking expiration so saved adventures do not expire if it passes the weekly deadline


  • Updated daily quest for Dungeons entered 3 -> 2
  • Updated daily quest for Steps Traveled entered 1000 -> 750
  • Updated daily quest for Coins Collected entered 1000 -> 750


  • Fixed Chests not opening


  • Fixed Transcend form not saving properly

9 thoughts on “Hotfix v1.1.64-67”

  1. wow. . .
    the number of campfires needed formthe daily quests is reduced to 2 from 5.

    “hey ya’all we’re improving the daily quest grind! how? by leaving the most difficult quests untouched, while making the easiest quests even easier!”

    seriously. the 5 campfires takes 750 steps, while the quest for 1000 steps takes. . .1000 steps.
    the 1000 coins takes about 1500 steps.
    and the enter 3 dungeons takes 2000 steps.

    if anything, you should have reduced the enter 3 dungeons down to 2, to make it less grindy.

    reducing the campfires does nothing. it has absolutely no impact on the grind because those just happen naturally while you are going for the other quests.

    1. Thanks for voicing your opinion. I am pushing out more adjustments which will reduce steps and coins collected to 750 and dungeons entered to 2. I only did campfire that low since one reported huge margins at 30k+ steps. Thanks again for your comment!

      1. just gonna say, my daily quests still say “5 campfires”.
        and that’s also weird that people are going 30k steps without ever seeing a campfire. i see them ever 100-200 steps.
        what also seems weird is that people are reporting 30k steps, even though the #1 player on the leaderboard has only made it 10k steps

        1. If your campfires says 5, I would check to see if you are on the latest version which is v1.1.66. The 30k steps was referencing to the range between campfires. Starting off is easy, but the further means a bigger spread so eventually it does get to the point of 1k+ before the next campfire. As for the reports, it is likely they were on v1.1.63 which had an expiration on adventures for weekly Rankings. So starting on Sunday would be invalid today because scores reset Monday.

    2. Did we got a roll back ? My blood knight is dead and now alive, and have his old equipment, new item is lost.

  2. your “fix” to save the necromancer transcended form did not work. it still reverts me to my normal form when i save and then resume. it does , however, keep a tally of all the mobs i killed while transcended and i usually have enough to transcend again immediately, but the problem is that i’m usually cthulhu when i save the game and it sux to lose the form.

    also, i find it odd that someone might walk 30k steps without ever seeing a campfire, when i see them every 100-200 steps, on average

    1. This is an issue I am looking into. I have some mixed reports with some saying it works on regular mobs, but not bosses. I will be looking through different save files to see the cause, but avoid saving with form if possible. Also, I posted the reply about the 30k which sums up to higher steps means higher spread with campfires going 1k+ between campfires.

      1. I found the issue with transcending not saving. It was an issue with the way the variables were stored which it was not saving properly. Rolling it out ASAP

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