Gold Equipment Update v1.1.60-61

Greetings! I wanted to reiterate the most recent update since I didn’t post patch notes for the Gold Equipment update. We will dive into the newest hotfix that adds changes to gold equipment, what is declared gold, and some huge bug fixes.

Better in Gold

Gold is the very definition of top quality equipment. When a equipment is spawned, it will check to see if hp, mp, mana, or damage is at least 99.5%-100% of the equipment’s max potential stat. Each equipment ranges in stats so Gold equipment is actually more frequent than 0.5% and fluctuates between equipment type, but you must be level 50 or greater in order to find one!

Gold Upgrades

Whenever you upgrade an equipment, you can now view whether that upgrade is max potential by selecting the options. If it glows gold, then that stat upgrade is 99.5%-100% of the equipment’s max potential. If you are VIP 3, the max potential upgrades will automatically highlight for you via Smith Gold Detection.

Rogue is no longer Top Loot Tier

This news is little late to the party, but in case you didn’t catch it in the global news, a new loot tier known as Mythical can be achieved when passing 25,000 steps. Like previous loot tiers, Mythical will scale +50% of the max potential of equipment exponentially.

You can now play Pyromancer… whoops

Sorry to neglect Pyro for the longest, but previously he had a bug where his burn did not gain xp nor does killing an enemy with burn count as a kill. He is now fixed in this hot fix and is also now immune to Burn so you can kill those nasty Cursed Swords.

Lost save files?

For the longest, there were minor reports of losing save files and given the game doesn’t overwrite your save on the cloud except when reinstalling the game. This was an everlasting hard bug to find and only happens if you force closed your app during at a campfire. Rest assure with this update, you can force close once you reach a campfire or even afterwards. Your progress will now auto-save once interacting with a campfire. If you purchased Diamonds during the run and lost your save file to this bug, please report to me at jonathanconcepcion [at] gmail [dot] com. I will only ask for your username and receipt for the transaction so I can reimburse. Truly sorry for this bug!

Release Notes v1.1.61

That basically sums it up. Below is the patch notes for v1.1.58-61 starting with the most recent hotfix.

  • v1.1.61 Hotfix
    • Added Blacksmith to Ruins entrance
    • Update campfire to auto save when force closing in campfire screen
    • Fixed Pyro kills not counting towards kill count when enemy dies to burn
    • Fixed Pyro immunity against burn
    • Fixed Gold equipment not spawning with highest stats
    • Fixed Gold upgrades not coming with highest stats
    • Fixed Avatar task for Evil Tree rewarding for 100 instead of 1,000 attacks
    • Fixed Rogue rarity not starting at 5k steps
  • v1.1.60 Hotfix
    • Fixed Pyro kills not counting towards kill count when enemy dies to burn
    • Fixed Pyro immunity against burn
  • v1.1.58 Ascension Part 1
    • Added an Increase Upgrade Equipment limit option via Blacksmith
    • Increased level cap to 100 – Increased upgrade slot limit to 10
    • Upgrade slots now increase more based off level and loot rarity
    • Minor fixes to text sizes that were not adjusting with translations
    • Fixed achievements not translating if the achievement was completed
    • Updated max level crown to be at level 100