Update on Ascension

Hello. Today I would like to talk about some changes to Ascension (again). It’s been a while since the last post mostly due to baby duty, but all motivation is still full force when the stars align. Alright, let’s begin.

Ascension is now -> Profession

Initially and throughout the course, I wanted Ascension update to feel more like a prestige mechanic, but given the amount of times I’ve experimented, it didn’t feel as well thought out as I had hoped. It was either breaking the gameplay flow or something that was hard to grasp mechanically. So I decided to make the power of profession to be in place of Ascension. You will get to choose a profession which gives you insight as to what new skills you will be able to learn. Once chosen, you cannot go back as you are bonded with the profession, but don’t worry! Each profession will have great power and less responsibility. More details will roll out once I get the feature fleshed out within the coming weeks.

Hotfix for Ascension Part 1

It has been a while since the last hotfix and I am well aware of some annoying bugs that will be fixed such as Pyro kills not counting with burn and Gold equipment not being spawned with highest stats. Truly sorry for the delay, but expect no less once I can finally get new skills into your hands. I will have to reintroduce a post for this update to give some in-depth info since there are a few changes to its algorithm.


I hope to continue development on OneBit Adventure, but burnout does happen. To help relief some burnout, I have decided to work on a small game jam after I release the Ascension update. This game will be free-to-play and be a short procedurally generated RPG game. Hope this helps build potential as to what games I could make and the future of OneBit.

2 thoughts on “Update on Ascension”

  1. Thanks Jonathan! The adjustments to the Ascension concept to become a Profession sound like it will be a good fit for the game. Will that be activated at Level 100??
    Congrats on the webisode and other publicity lately, all good things for OneBit! Sorry about burnout though, don’t worry we understand. I hope you are still loving new baby time, it goes so quickly – be sure to enjoy!
    Thanks for update info.

    1. Thanks! Profession will work as you level with level 100 grants the most skills to learn. You don’t need to start over, but will be a person you talk to just like the Blacksmith. Definitely didn’t expect burnout with such a big update, but I’ve gotten a lot better now 🙂

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