v1.2 Release Notes

Here’s the full release notes to v1.2 – v1.2.3. I’ve went through some bug fixes during Open Beta and finalized some crucial features needed for this version.


  • Added Wizard Sapius, who grants the player a profession to choose (He will spawn next to you when starting/resuming an adventure if you are level 20 or greater)
  • Added 4 new professions (Armorer, Gladiator, Young Caster, Soul Survivor)
  • Added 32 skills (View full list and details here)
  • Added 8 avatars for VIP 3
  • Added Profession Respec (this will remove profession as well as reset skillpoints)
  • Added Zombie (currently used as an ally with Necromancer’s Soul Summon)
  • Updated soul damage rate 3% -> 6% due to bug giving soul damage 4x expected value
  • Increased death status timer 100 -> 150 (a bug was causing attacks not lower the status timer. This helps accommodate the bug fix)
  • Fixed Daily Quest bug
  • Fixed Ghost 0/0 transcend when using a character that isn’t necromancer
  • Fixed status effects not taking effect while attacking
  • Fixed player knockback to pick up coins when passing over them
  • Fixed soul counter UI when resuming with a transcended form
  • Fixed Valentine theme
  • Fixed “Resources” sort mode which was including Equipment
  • Fixed offline mode level select trying to access online commands when no internet is available
  • Fixed stat text for Stewpot output


  • Pre-launch bug fixes on new features


  • Added new player tutorial
    • This is a step by step tutorial for players who just loaded the game. It will walk-through the process of making a character and explain various features.

v1.2.3 (currently available on Google Play. iOS will get this update later this week)

  • Added Chinese (Simplified) localization

Known bugs:

  • Anarchy doesn’t visually disappear after death
  • Parry doesn’t count to Anarchy when it kills an enemy