Profession Update v1.2

It’s that time again where huge things with this time’s goal is to make each class have more skills to use! This Profession update v1.2 will add 30+ new unique skills allowing insane combinations available in order to make the ultimate class. For this update, 4 classes (sorry pyro) will receive a profession which will unlock 10 skills to pick and choose as your progress your level.

Reaching Untapped Power!

This update will have you casting active spells, praising thy passives, and throwing your coins everywhere as you try out different skill combinations. To get your skills, you will need to be level 20. A Wizard named Sapius will spawn near the starting zone. He will grant you skills at the cost of coins or Diamonds. You have a limit of 5 skills you can learn so choose wisely; otherwise, you can always Respec the profession in the Edit Character screen. These skills are quite the bunch so here’s a link to view the full list and details of each skill!

You’re friendly neighborhood wizard. Thank astrogoose on Discord!

You Got Mad Skillz

We finally have active skills which will be crucial in helping out some tight situations. Some actives requires mana while others are free to use, but requires steps to cooldown, and some can be further boosted with skillpoints! Certain actives are toggled or waits for you to attack to trigger the effect and will be highlight yellow until the condition is met. The UI is static meaning there’s no option to move it around like the Dpad which is going to be planned in the future for you left-handed warriors. Certain skills allow you to target where you want to cast a spell giving you the ultimate freedom when it comes to killing those Reapers!

VIP 3 Avatars

We’ve added 8 new avatars (Excluding Cthulhu) to VIP 3 with some interesting challenges. I wonder what could be so interesting about them?

What’s Next for v1.2?

There has been huge requests for a multiplayer mode; however, OneBit’s code is far rooted into single player. This leaves me with one option which is to test out a mini project (let’s call it “project Greed”) during July to see if you guys are interested in the game. If project Greed kicks off with positive reviews, then there’s a high possibility that this project will rise to have story mode, multiplayer co-op, and eventually, online clan battles. The focus in July will be project Greed, OneBit’s quality of life features which have been a highly requested and getting that profession for Pyromancer. I am excited to get your feedback on project Greed as it will be homing in on OneBit’s turn-based mechanic, but very dungeon crawl with procedural generation! There’s so much more content coming to OneBit after v1.2 and will be doing my best to provide the best of both worlds.

New OneBit Trailer

Feel free to help spread the word of OneBit by sharing this new trailer that highlights some of the new skills coming July 1st!

Some mo’ skill sneak peeks

Click here to the view the list of new skills for Profession update!