Hotfix v1.2.4/5/6

Here’s a list for the current hotfixes. v1.2.6 is currently being rolled out and will update within the next 2 days. Lots of Quality of Life will be taking place this month so be sure to comment or use the contact us to submit your requests.


  • Updated price of Profession Respec 250 -> 50
  • Fixed Level Generator spawning exploit
  • Updated Level Generator to not repeat same dungeon spawning more than 3 times if player is above level 10
  • Reduced percentage of Self-Slow scaling stat by ~50% for Cleaver and Greatsword
  • Increased hitbox for locking items in inventory
  • Added sort button for Profession Skills to sort by Upgrade, Active, or Default


  • Fixed Anarchy text briefly showing a higher number when using Dark Slash
  • Fixed Anarchy not staying enabled when resting at campfire
  • Fixed Parry not deactivating when continuously attacking

v1.2.6 (rolling out as of July 7th)

  • Fixed tutorial loading random levels while in playing tutorial
  • Updated downward limit to no longer kill the player. Mortal Curiosity can still be achieved by having a Cyclops knockback you below the downward limit
  • Fixed dungeon exploit