v1.2.7/8 Update + Greed Update

In July, quality of life requests are the main focus with these 2 updates here to satisfy you. I have a lot more requests on the Official Reddit that will be making its way into OneBit, but mostly been rolling them in Open Beta before going live. Below is the full update notes for both updates.

v1.2.7 (This update was only tested in Open Beta)

  • Added 1-tap skip Expedition notification
  • Added “Low on Mana!” text when player has less than 10% Mana
  • Added 1x Free Profession Respec for each character
  • Added Achievement for learning a Profession
  • Updated Perfect Combo text to mention same enemy
  • Updated Boss loot to find nearest empty spots to drop loot that are colliding with objects
  • Updated positioning of top interaction/info box
  • Updated Equipment screen to automatically sort the top item to be the Equipped item
  • Limited Beyond the Grave to 1 Zombie on the field
  • Fixed Magic Effects not working after casting The Void
  • Fixed killing ally Zombie rewarded xp, counting as kills, and counting towards soul count


  • Added FR-French localization
  • Added ES-Spanish localization
  • Added Save feature to Hardcore mode
  • Added Back Button functionality for Android
  • Updated Stun to no longer stun if the target is already stunned
  • Updated Cthulhu to cooldown 2 more turns when summoning Tentacles
  • Updated Mystic Shot to attack enemies through any obstacles
  • Updated Anarchy to lose effect when reseting at a campfire
  • Updated Anarchy to have a attack buff cap of 300%
  • Fixed Wizard stepping on trap instead of checking for ranged enemy to see if it can attack instead
  • Fixed Dpad settings where changing Tapping Opacity also changed Regular Opacity
  • Fixed Cloud Id displaying blank in Settings

Project Greed Update

A lot of work has been put into project Greed, but ultimately I have been back and forth on how I want the procedural generation to work. I have since restarted most of the project and will be expecting to do some internal testing sometime next month. For those that do not know, project Greed is a 8-bit dungeon crawler where Greed can be your strength or weakness in a dungeon filled with loot. You can dive into a dungeon as single player or compete with others in a multiplayer experience aka OneBit Multiplayer. The game’s forte will be procedural generation where you can explore endless amounts of dungeons. I will be continuing to update you as the project gets closer to completion.